Saturday, 13 February 2016


All nuclear power plants need insurance cover of 100 billion – after the 3 core melt down at Fukishima. Even after Chernobyl they needed 40 billion of cover.
But no commercial insurance over 1 billion is available! Nuclear power has responded by funding university chairs – to publise Global Warming, and hold off scutiny.
The wordl started cooling 1995, so they promoted Climate Change – as it it was Global Warming: the NATURAL Climate Change we have at present is global cooling.
A bigger problem is that global photosynthesis converts CO2 into plant biomass, over the land AND sea. Man's cities are a miniscule land area – they do not affect the seas – that make up 60% of the surface of the Earth, and are capable of sinkngi all the CO2 from animal respiration, plus fires and man trivial engines.
So we have a static 2 parts per millon CO2 in the global air – the preindustrial trace.
And still nuclear power operates without sufficient insurance cover. Which precludes them from all university funding. Criminal operations are automatically excluded from funding university research and chairs.

All professors funded by nuclear power or its associates, should instantly resign! The lawyers should be able to enforce the removal of all such chairs.

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