Thursday, 25 February 2016

Prescriptions are defective

Since the 1950s, medics have used low power ultrasound to cause cancer cells to give off X-rays. There si no bio-chemical source of X-rays, we are doing Molecular Nuclear Fusion: No medic has ever conteste this – as it is correct.
1 H2O+US ->He+O+E2+X-ray
At 5 W 40 kHz, the pressurised cancer cells give off X-rays. At 180 W 40 kHz body celsl experieince ultrasound burns – as theyt do 1.
In 2002 3 medical professors from the Moffitt demostrated the total clearance of cancer using ultrasound. Agt e.g. 150 W 40 kHz, the pressurised cancer cells experieienced cell content boiling and fragmented.
graph showing trends in death rates 1930-2012
 Why does this graph stop 2012! As cancer rates are plumbeting?  All bio-chemical treatments, chemo, radio and X-ray therapies are defective – as is cancer surgery.they must face criminal charges are return all wages paid to them.
All surgeons are thus prevented from such surgery 2002. Al subsequent surgery is criminal – and families deserve huge lagal payouts. No more surgery is permitted.
Specialist hospital like the Chritie in the UK, are ethically prevented from using defective medicine! But have done so for 14 years. Every Dr there instantly ceased to be a dr, must face criminal cahrges. Abd must retrun all saleries paid them.
They evauated HIUS in 2002 – and must use this total 1 appointment cancer cure! Never using defective medicine again. All the professoirs and doctors must instantlyh be removed and replaced.
As must all cancer doctors in the world – unless they used HIUS 2002.
A cancers and the diseases of ago must be pressurisewd in order to grow in the human body. The more flaccuid body cells bud off the body stem cells – that cancers are locked out of – as they have DNA modification. At the endogenous RNA site.
So HIUS clears all cancers at 1 appointment. I found 1 minute to a cancer primaryu totally effective. Also against heart disease and diabetes.
Cancer drugs are the big cash cow of medicine – so they treatted the 2 year agonising death provided by bio-chemical drugs as comparable to the 1 appointment total cure provided by HIUS. It is not!
So all registered doctors have been forbidden from prescribing bio-chemistry for 14 years. Those thast hasve, instantly invalidated their medical registration and insurance. Every day's medicine was then medical malpratice.
Ever patient they killed produices a fine of `10 million, and 25 nyears in jail. Bu now 98% of doctors are no longer regsitered Dr.s..

Cancer Is Cured

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Each biochemical drug company is expelled permanently from medicine! So Astra Zenecva cease to trade legally 14 years ago! As did Rioche and the rest.
All bio-chemistry is now defective medicine and outside patent protection. No law firm could ethically defend a bio-chemical patent – or cease to trade as a registered law firm.
If we givea drip of IL-2&4 at concentrations seen in a person recoveriung from a regular infection on aplication of fungal antibiotics, their own immune systems produce a wash of human antibodies. As these are regular human enzymes, they do not need medical registration.
All cancer produce 6 common enzymes! Pills of these wil lclear all cancers, in a short course of pills: best drug medicine.

But all health centres own a 8 W 3 MHz ultrasound unit – to clear limb damage. Applied externally at 1 appointment, this will clear al lcancers very cheaply! 0.02 cents. Best medicine – every doctor has to use. Every Dr. has to read and forard this message ro all Dr.s he/she is in touch with. With the internet, every Dr. on Earth will have read this within 2 days.

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