Thursday, 21 January 2016

The end of oil

Is also the end of U fission as a valid energy system. U fission requires 100 billion of insurance for each plant – but used Global Warming as a way to only carry 50 million.
The world climate started cooling 1998, and is due to start warming again naturally in 2023.
Today I note that people are blaming Climate Change was causing flooding in temperate regions, and drought in Africa. CO2 is sunk into 2 parts per million every afternoon around the world by photosynthesis on the land and seas.
A static trace gas affects nothing – so man made Climate Change is 0. And Global Warming ended 20 years ago. Sorry – 19! Doesn't time fly.
The insurance problem will regulate in global power regulators slapping immediate stop orders on nuclear power, as the world can now do clean, safe and free nuclear fusion.
We have a 50x1cm tube filled with H gas. Into which we shoot electrons – using an electric radiant strip. These electrons pass chaotically along the strip, gaining motion from interaction with H nuclei. So transforming the Brownian motion into heat.
1 time in 1000, we get direct electron H nucleus interaction:
1 H=p+.+x n0.e- a H nucleus in a proton bonded to 1 or more neutrons.
2 p+.x n0.e1-+e2- ->(1+x)n0 +e2- the protons becomes a neutron, and we spit out the valency electron as a free electron to repeat the process.
3 y n0+H ->Ey3+L+x-ray(+e-) other H nuclei fission into massive heat, with light and X-rays. Maybe with another electron.
So the glass tube fills with a H plasma – where we have free H+ ions and electrons – plus local temperatures of 10 million. Giving all particles high Brownian motion – very hot.
This is a tube of star corona – all initiated by a pulse of voltage to our radiant strip. Then we get 600 kW from a 50x1cm glass tube, at only 2 bars. Though the pressure will climb massively once we start doing the nuclear fusion.
This is the result of my supervisors idea from 2001 – who now wishes to disown them, as his chair was paid for by U fission. He is a bought man. A genius – but bought by the most toxic process that will ever go on around the Earth.
Until the lawyers stop all the U power plants. This is a free energy system, using very little H – we get via the electrolysis of regular water.
Each tube will supply the power for 7 home users. Commercial users will wish 3 1m tubes. The 50cm tube will produce an annual income of 1.8 million UK pounds.

And produce no CO2, or hyper-toxic radioactive waste. Free, safe, non toxic, carbon 0 power. Thanks Dr Z. - good thinking.

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