Saturday, 23 January 2016

Fixing my eyes

 I suffered severe trauma to my eyes in a car accident Fen 1988. Due to my time back at Sheffeild Univ in 2002 I re-engaged with the ultrasound I worked on during my M.Eng..
I used it to cure MS, cancer and heart disease 2013: but my girfiend died from MS in 2004, and my step fatehr from diabetes 2008. Clark MacFarane's father deid from colon cancer 1012.
The last time I spoke to him he seemed to be waiting for my to say something – but I had yet to do the work.
I bought 2 150 W 40 kHz ultrasound massage devices from Amazon and Ebay: though I now use a 5 W 1 MHz ultrasound massage device from Ebay.
I have used it on my eye muscles – with my eyes shut. My eyes now nearly alighn – the ineffective surgery I had 1992 is a lot harmer to correct than the car accidnet.
I have also used 1 minutes busts to my closed eyes, to remove corneal scaring. This si important stuff, and Dr Z. has personally seen my pre-treatmetn eyes.
So correct for a squint, no surgery.

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