Saturday, 19 December 2015

No Global Warming

Throughout the history, recorded in the mineral record, CO2 has reacted to the weather. In a warm period, it has been limited by photosynthesis on the lands and seas.
The sea is actually better than plants on the land. 1986 was the year of the Chernobyl Incident, and nuclear power was desperate for a reason why anybody should ever build a uranium nuclear plant ever again.
U fission was developed to make Pu, for the atomic bomb project. In my blogging I have refereed to Pt production, but nuclear power makes plutonium, not platinum!
Pu is the most toiix substance known to man, and Windscale is now the biggest repository of this mineral around the Earth.
Nature does not produce Pu, as the Earth's mantel doe Molecular Nuclear Fusion
1 H2O+TU ->He2++O2-+n0+E3
So this tells us how to get rid of Pu, Half fill a metal tube with fission waste – inside a glass tube. Give a pulse of electricity at 2,000 V, and strike up a steam plasma. It will self sustain at 4 atmospheres, producing carbon free 2.4 MW. The neutrons interact with the Pu, and the mineral fissions into safer minerals.
2 23994Pu+n0->11349In+11049n+E
This is 1 possible fission chain – we need to look at what really happens. The half-life of In is 2.8047 days. Against the 24,000 years we make all the stores of Pu safe. for Pu.
So we make all the stores of Pu safe. And then use steam plasma tubes in place of enriched U. They convert all the water molecule into energy. With no solid waste.
And we get 11.6 MW per tube. Utilising a totally minuscule amount of water. 0.7cc or regular water per decade. It really is that efficient.
Present nuclear power requires 100 billion of insurance cover per plant. This is not available. So they carry 50 million. So Fukishima bankrupted the second largest GDP on Earth – for ever.
And still Tokyo nuclear makes no sign of paying back the money to Japan. As all its reactors are no shut for ever – it never could.
Ukrainian nuclear experienced Chernobyl, and 2 years ago wanted to build a new plant here. Every plant operated by EDF has inadequate insurance. You challenge them on this, and they bleat 'Global Warming'.
The world started cooling 20 years ago. And steam plasma tubes are 16 times as energetic, and totally non toxic. A hammer will shut them down, so they require no 100 billion of insurance.
So all U fission must stop, and Molecular Nuclear Fusion will lake over from Fossil Fuels burning: zero carbon, safe, clean and free.
A 50x1cm steam plasma tube at 4 atmospheres will generate 1.2 MW of heat. We turn into 120 kW of power – and get an annual income of 3.6 million UK pounds. Zero carbon, safe power.

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