Monday, 28 December 2015

Global Warming died 20 years ago

In 1995 the world started cooling naturally! So Climate Change isn't Global Warming, it is natural global cooling. Another 8 years, and the natural weather will start warming again – depending on the medium length climate cycle.
Nuclear power pinned all its hopes for a future on man-made Global Warming. Trouble was, it did not know anything about the C cycle, or the weather. But it had money, and tame academics who could make scary stuff up!
Like sea levels having risen by 30 meters by 2010: Ah! That is obvious rubbish. As ice melts into cold water, it contracts. This is why freezing water will even expand you steel radiators.
And all the tame scientists were physics academics – so all knew that water expands as it freezes. Apparently the rest of the population did not! What were you taught at high-school.
I mentioned the C cycle above. After the Persian mass extinction, photosynthesis evolved. This dictates that life on land and in the seas convert extra CO2 into active plant life within 5 minutes.
This obviously does not apply to the Arctics or ice-ages. CO2 levels are higher in both! CO2 levels are higher above the equator, but air moves. And once over the temperate region, it is plant life!
So burning the Fossil Fuels increases active life on Earth. But global photosynthesis caps free CO2 at only 2 parts per million. So the Fossil Fuels end up as extra life, they do not increase CO2 levels in the naturally cooling air.
Another basic prediction of the nuclear stooges was burning the Fossil Fuels would heat up the air – even though Fossil Fuels burning has no effect on the gas composition o0f the air.
Saying a static trace gas could affect nothing! The academics must be retired, and return all galleries paid to them since they started talking science rubbish.
When I started blogging about Global Warming in 2010, all the 'scientists' shut the hell up. Leaving the politicians to be the Global Warming pundits. Though they admit they do not know the science.
Which means nobody on Earth does! But still nuclear power promotes Climate Change as if it was Global Warming. Which it obviously isn't. They used to say Climate Change would make sea levels rise- but then realised as Global Warming hasn't for 20 years, Climate Change would make them fall.
So Global Warming would inevitably make the climate warmer and drier. We have had 20 years of climate cooling – and are now seeing more global flooding! 'Oh that is Climate Change' say the stooges – meaning Global Warming.
Obviously not. Again a static trace gas that supports all life on Earth does nothing.
Plants metabolise the 0.0004% CO2, and make carbohydrates, and excrete oxygen – by doing light activated Molecular Nuclear Fusion – photosynthesis.
1 mCO2+(n+r)H2O+UV+TU->(Cm(H2O)n-E)+r(He2++O2-+E2+X-ray)
So building carbohydrates takes in energy. And as every physics academic will happily tell you, X-rays and he are only released by nuclear reactions: here nuclear fusion. On Earth, down to -20oC in the seas.
One of the few places you will not see nuclear fusion, is in a torous, used by physics to study nuclear fusion. As dr. Z told me in 2001, this is easy to fix!
Install perpendicular fields, to give the circulating H ions spin. We then get
2 H++TU->He2++E1
At room temperature, and down to 2 atmospheres. Not hard. The great Hadron collider is too big – as physics realised as it conned world government out of 100 billion a year.
Your beating heart does Molecular Nuclear Fusion, as does growing grass in the light. Biology has recorded the production of He and X-rays. So all 'scientists' connected with the Great Hadron Con should return all saleries, and get the hell out of education for life: ensuring their science fiction is deleted from science databases.
A better idea is to of H fission – twice as energetic, and nature has already shown us how – in lightening strikes.
3 H++e- ->n0 the plasma collapses protons and electrons, to form the composite particle of the neutron. They do not annihilate. Electrons and positrons would.
4 O2-+4 n0 ->8H++10e- oxygen ions fission into Hs.
5 H++TU+r n0->Er3+X-ray Ultimate clean energy
No hyper-toxic radiative waste. Not even any life enhancing CO2. 11.6 MW/m. Oil burning only releases 45 kW.
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Nature does massive amounts of nuclear fusion every day using the turbulent flow of high pressure water or steam! Hence the massive amount of helium gas in the global air.

So 19 of 2mx2cm steam plasma tubes will run a 100 MW power station. Replacing the cooling tower with a double helical heat exchanger. Which use the Carnot cycle to return 85% of the heat of the spent steam to the boiler room at higher temperature.
No oil or gas burn. Using science fully published in the 1950s.
All universalities can get their 'fusion' torus out of storage, and install spin magnetic fields, and even a small torus will produce a con stint 23 MW, from regular hydrogen – via electrolysis. But it tends to do Molecular Nuclear Fusion – hence 'cold fusion'. A very weak form of Molecular Nuclear Fusion.
A 50x1cm steam plasma will produce a constant 1.2 MW. So the home user can produce upwards of 120 kW – to 1 MW. He goes off mains!
Except to sell his excess power to the grid. And we are talking a minimum of 3.6 million UK pounds a year.
100 people will replace every power station on Earth. No Fossil Fuels burn. No hyper-toxic U fission. We do clean, safe, free H fission.
Turning regular H into near unlimited power. With no gas or oil burn. The very idea seems vaguely quaint to me. Too expensive, and not energetic enough.
Oil prices should be below 1974 levels – but power companies are operating an illegal cartel to maintain high Fossil Fuels prices.
As their electricity is priced as a multiple of Fossil Fuels prices. So the last thing they want is massively cheap Fossil Fuels. But Molecular Nuclear Fusion can be set up in a garage for 2,645 UK pounds. And provide a profit of 3.6 million annually.

Expect oil prices to keep collapsing. And the regulators should stop the illegal price support for oil and gas.

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