Friday, 2 October 2015

MacMillan unethical

Drug companies set up MacMillan to channel charitable donations, to dose up cancer patients – when biochemistry was though to be the best answer to cancer.
Then in 2002 the Moffitt cancer centre showed one application of High Intensity UltraSound cleared cancer at one appointment.
I have found 5 W 1 MHz ultrasound from a medically licensed ultrasonic massage device to be defective HIUS. Hence in 2012, the Moffitt started using the less effective HIFU – High Intensity Focused Ultrasound.  Effective in only ½ a minute over the cancer primary
Focusing the ultrasound makes HUIF less effective than HIUS: so the Hippocratic oath demands all work on HIFU stops – and people revert to the more effective HIUS.
The Moffitt wanted to abandon HIUS, as it had no patent protection on the technology. So they want $10,000 for a HIUS device – and my 5 W device can be purchased from Ebay for under 20 UK pounds.
Medicine has a huge problem with HIUS: it is a 1 appointment cure, they have no patent protection on. So people can totally cure their cancers at home! Medicine has lost it big cash cow.
The Hippocratic oath prohibits register Dr.s from prescribing biochemical treatments. So who is still prescribing biochemistry 13 years on.
The MacMillan exists to dose up cancer patients – until they die horribly. Nurses are prevented by medical ethics from help with fatal medicine.
So each nurse who has helped with MacMillan since 2002, is no longer a registered nurse. They are excluded from health systems globally.
So MacMillan has helped with the deaths of 5.4 million British people – using your charitable donations.
But now October 2015, MacMillan nurses are no longer registered nurses. Similarly all the prescribing Dr.s are no longer registered doctors, and must instantly leave medicine.
They are dangerous murders! Who each validated the effectiveness of HIUS 2002: how do I know? Not to have evaluated published new medicine leads to immediate exclusion of the Dr.
Which is why no Dr on Earth has ever pleaded ignorance of HIUS – as they went on killing with biochemistry, surgery or radiotherapy.
Not nice people. The most serious mass murders in history. Who knew they were killing, horribly.
Ask your GP 'Why are you killing me?'. And send me the replies.

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