Saturday, 22 August 2015

Sue the doctor

The Hippocratic oath is very plain: Registered Drs must be aware of, evaluate and apply only the best medicine.
I 2002 the Moffitt cancer centre published the use of High Intensity UltraSound to clear cancer at one appointment! I had suggested this idea 2001, and read about its success in a nationally circulated cancer magazine in 2010. By then every Dr on Earth was required to use HIUS.
It set off biological Molecular Nuclear Fusion in the pressurised cells that cause the diseases of age
1 H2O+US->He+O+E2+X-ray
This is the source of the X-rays we get from low power ultrasound scans.
In 2012, I read a medical article, about HIUS clearing coronary heart disease: apply the ultrasound to the top left of the chest and the kidneys.
HIUS to the bottom right of the chest clears all types of diabetes – though type 1 only remits after 3 days: from a single 30 second external application of the 5 W 1 M Hz ultrasound I now use. From an ultrasound massage device purchased over the internet.
The same time will clear all 200 cancers out there – from a single external application of HIUS. So no Dr uses HIUS – though they have given a solemn oath to use only best medicine.
The Christie Hospital in Manchester uses biochemical treatments, surgery and radiotherapy to kill 5(% of its paying clients. 1 application of HIUS would cure 100%. So the Cristie, and now even the Moffitt deliberately kills its paying clients – by applying defective medicine.
So every cancer Dr using biochemistry ceased to a a Dr with their first prescription after they had evaluated HIUS in 2002. So were instantly excluded from medicine for life.
And they are still killing! Though no pharmacist can now fill their prescriptions, and no nurse is allowed to assist with the biggest homicide in history.
Each nurse was instantly excluded from the nursing register. So the Christie no has no nurses or doctors, and owes the biggest legal payout ever.
No biochemical prescription was ethically valid from 2002. So each pharmacist was instantly excluded from working in medicine.
Are you being killed today? Your medic is obviously not a registered Dr. You can buy your own ultrasound device, and cure yourself. It works also for heart disease and diabetes. The latter condition should have been relegated to medical history 13 years ago.
Each death and limb amputation warrants a pay out from the hospital and medical team. Each prescribing Dr since 2008 instantly ceased to be a registered Dr. Each day of medical service was medical malpractice.
And still people are only willing to use HIUS, if their Dr uses the medically licensed HIUS device in the nursing office – licensed for physiotherapist use. And unsupervised human use.
So the Dr wrote out biochemical prescription, in the next office to the device which will clear all cancers: as they personally confirmed in 2002. And went right on killing. The most serious psychopathic killing in history – for the financial gain of the Dr.
So if the Dr writes out a biochemical prescription today, they instantly remove themselves from the medical register. And no registered pharmacist can fill the order.
And the Christie has killed 59% of its paying patients by applying defective medicine for 13 years. And every Dr has read my work. And none has bothered to defend it.
They have chosen to take early retirement. But that is no defence from 1st degree murder – which is what biochemical prescriptions are.
Families and surviving cancer patients have court case against their Dr and hospital for 120 trillion dollars. Though there is only 2.8 trillion in world economies.
Demand that your Dr uses the health centre HIUS machine on your cancer – before a low power ultrasound scan will show removal of the cancer.

Ultrasound - cancer cure

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At which stage the Hippocratic oath demands that the Dr fully discharges you – with no medicine.

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