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To warm England

29 May 2015
                There are hundreds of thousands of ‘scientists’ who are no longer allowed to work in education!  They were expousingthe nuclear idea that burning the fossil fuels increased the trace of CO2 in the air, and for no reason this would warm the weather.
                Let us go back to the Jurassic.  At the end of this age, 65% of life on Earth! died.  As a result the seas rose 60 meters.  But life hung on, and photosynthesis got more effeicient.  In the Jurassic 4 partss per million CO2 got left in the air every evening.  And there were three natural ice ages!
                When free CO2 leve4ls rose to 8 parts per million.  So obviously CO2 does not warm the air!  Plants convert the free CO2 every day, into new plant matter.
                The cretaceous mass extinction was caused by a carbon crisis.  When the evening air contained only 1 part per million CO2 in it.  Plants could only take in the CO2 they had excreted at night!
1              mCO2+(n+s)H2O->Cm(H2O)n+mO2+3O.+s(He+O)+E2+Xray
                So photosynthesis does molecular nuclear fusion on water: Releasing X-rays, helium and free radicle oxygen gases. Cm(H2O)n is the chemical formula for carbophydrates.  90% of life on Earth died – the biggest massextinction of prehistory.
                Then animals multiplied!  Eating plant matter, and breathing in the oxygen excreted by plants: Oxygen is plant waste!
2              Cm(H2O)n+(3+r)O2 ->mCO2+nH2O+r(He+O+Xray+E2)
                So animals also do molecular nuclear fusion.  Also as the blood flows
3              H2O+T ->He+E2+O
                So biology is the science that knows about nuclear fusion on Earth.  You do it, as your cells metabolise your food, and you heart beats.  You can take your pulse with a Giga counter.
                The deep seas do loads of MNF, via the turbulent flow of high pressure water.  Which is why the deep seas are so full of life!  The deep water produces energy, that life uses ion place of direct sunlight.
                So we see the transfer of massive volumes of sea water, exporting energy to the poles!  Or rather the cold polar water pushes the equatorial water out of the way, as it flows back to the equator to pick up more heat.
                So the oceans act as a massive natural heat transfer process, taking equatorial heat to the Poles.  Though the sea generate their own heat, as they flow in a turbulent way back to the Poles.
                This is why the West coast of England is so warm and wet.  But we can improve on this natural system.
                We circulate a low pressure gas in helical cylinders, immersed in the sea water.  Then we pressurise this heat, and get a lower volume of higher temperature water.
                Only doubling the pressure gives us a gas temperature of 270oC.  We circulate this hot gas in an enclosed cylinder.  Air is drawn in at the base, picks up heat, and leaves the plant as hot air!  Over 200oC.
                As it exits the plant, it drives a captire wind turbine, which generate smassive power.  It will drive the gas pumps, and leave us with 90% we can sell on to the electricity grid.
                Our end product is the hot air.  Which mixes with the ambient.  50,000 gallons an hour.  We do this on costal resorts, which get an extra 10 C into the bulk air.
                This only works are we have basically an infinite sink of low temperatue sea water.  By pressurising our Carnot gas, we export this heat as high temperature heat.
                Once started, the system drives itself.  It hto countires we invert the pressure cycle, sucking heat ot of the air, as losing it to the seas.  Again the system runs itself.
                So we warm the cold lands.  And cool the hto lands.  And in temperate lands, cool the aummer air, and warm the winter air.  And we start the system using off peak power, and then the system drives itself!
                Using 18th century technology, to make lands more temperate and habitable.  We can make the North Pole warm.  Though we will wish for a network of steam plsma tubes to replacethe missing sunlight.
                Seam plasma tubes do self powering MHF, from regular water.

Jonathan Thomason

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