Thursday, 21 May 2015

Dr.s go to jail

21 May 2015
                Since 2002 every Dr and nurse on Earth has known High Intensity UltraSound cures all cancers.  In the case of Dr.s they have taken the Hippocratic oath, guaranteeing that they know best medicine.
                The oath goes on that they must evaluate new medicine, and when it works use it.  Nurses are constrained by medical ethics.  If they see doctors administering defective medicine leading to patient death, they must speak out, and refuse to help!
                Biochemical treatments for cancer, heart disease and diabetes all lead to predictable patient death.  A single HIUS application will cure them.  HIUS was widely disseminated in magazines.  I read about the efficiency of HIUS in 2010, in a cancer charity magazine will a national NHS readership.
                So no doctor could ethically prescribe, research or teach biochemistry for the last 13 years.  All individuals who did instantly ceased to be registered doctors.  The same goes for assisting nurses.
                When challenged, they say ‘Oh I was going to retire anyway’.  As a way of making sticking off being irrelevant.
                But they also get a share in the 25 years for each avoidable death.  Prescribing doctors have hitched up 8,000 years in jail: Having retired is irrelevant.
                Nurses get lower numbers of years for each avoidable death.  But they have helped kill more patients.  So they each receive 12,000 years in jail!  And the killing carries on.
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