Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Warming and wetting Scotland

28 April 2015
                This is high school physics, water under reduced pressure boils at reduced pressure.  Even ice will form water vapour with only 1 metre of vacuum head.
                This sort of power can be easily supplied by a solar powered pump!  Particularly in the hot lands.  But even in Scotland the system will work fine during the day.  Even in the short Scottish winter.
                We have a chain of solar pumps, transferring the water vapour to above a holding reservoir, high up. The water vapour condenses into water drops, giving up heat to the air.  So Scotland gains both moisture and heat, in an area both arid and cold.
                We give the west of Scotland the climate of the East – warmed by the gulf current.  We now split the Gulf Stream, half lowing back up the East of Britain, to pick up the cold!
                Equatorial sea flows back towards the Poles, searching for cold!  Here we export the solar heat, into the Scottish air.
                And we produce massively cheap water!  No expensive and dangerous high pressure desalination.  We need just 1 metre of vacuum heat, against 8 metres of positive head for high pressure desalination.
                A leak produces a hiss, rather than amputate limbs.  It is that safe.  We can easily turn salt water into pure distilled water, by mealy reducing the applied pressure!
                The sea or river water boils, leaving behind salt, contaminates of pollutants.  Really easy and cheap fresh water.  Photosynthesis turns the available CO2 into plant biomass within 5 minutes.
                People talking about man-made climate change being caused by CO2 are dangerous morons!  Who slept through high school biology.

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