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Safe free energy

19 April 2015
                Every 3 minutes around the earth heavy rain sets up a lightening strike!  The heavy rain itself does molecular nuclear fusion
1              H2O+Tu+O2->He2++O32-+E2+Xray+L           Tu= turbulence in the rain storm
                This quite happily goes on in snowstorms around the arctics down to -50° C.  It certainly goes on in the rain storms you have been out in!  Hence the electricity and heat generated by heavy rain.
                The positive charge collects above the clouds layer.  The negative falls to the ground.  A potential of 5000 volts will start up a little steam plasma linking of electoral holes between the clouds and the ground.
                It touches down and we get the up rush of hundred amps of charge electrons.  Releasing five terms of helium gas.  Which converts, using E=mc2, the to 2.5x1030 W the.  As heat, sound, X rays and light flashes.
                There is no chemical source of X rays, helium and of visible light.  And no source of nuclear fission.  So we are doing nuclear fusion from compounds of hydrogen.  Here water!  Ammonia refineries also releases X rays, as they do molecular nuclear fusion from ammonia gas in turbulent flow.
                This equates to 5.8 W/m from a 1.5 km partial steam plasma.  Every 3 minutes throughout the year!  This is more energy in three sections than mankind has ever generated-including from he is nuclear bombs.
                And this is gone on around the earth for 3.8 billion years.  The lightning fixes the organic nitrogen which fertilise is all plant life
2              pN2+O2->rNOt as nitrous and nitric acids.  Free plant fertilizer.
                Every day plants grow until there is less than two parts per million carbon dioxide left in the global air.  The whole notion that man can affect the trace of carbon dioxide left in the air is biologically stupid.
                Burning the fossil fuels increases active life on earth.  It is not affect the trace level of carbon dioxide.  Which is at a global average of only two parts per million.  It’s preindustrial level.  Ask any high school biology student.  They will explain it!
                Since 1986 physicists have been paid by nuclear power to write fictitious papers about the weather: and area they have no knowledge of!  There are also are totally ignorant of photosynthesis.  And so on aware that nature caps Carbon dioxide levels.
                The natural climate has been cooling since 1995.  Cancers changed to ‘man made climate change’.  This is not global warming.  For last decade with had natural global cooling.  By the static average carbon dioxide level in the global air.  Didn’t you guys listen to high school science?
                This implies that every scientist has ever published work the carbon dioxide and climate, should not be employed in education or the media.  They are dangerous stooge to nuclear power!  And search engine into life on earth.
                So nature shows us how to do nuclear fusion on earth!  The turbulent flow of high energy compounds of hydrogen.  Usually a turbulent flow of high pressure water or steam.  This is not rocket science!
                So the rockets produce the turbulent flow of combustion products.
3              CO2+H2O+O2+Tu->CO2+He+O3+E2
                So blocking its actually do nuclear fusion!  Which is why there engines give out X rays and free is helium gas.  So do jet engines!  Which again do molecular nuclear fusion.
                This tells us that can launch an aircraft into earth orbit, using steam plasma tubes.  We entrain air as you travel upwards, and the science is use to heat the gas!  Which emerges as a high pressure jet.
                This is called the fusion scrum jet.  Physicists have worked out the details in the 1950s.  But didn’t bother to mention it!
                The high Jim plasma has oxygen and hydrogen ions in turbulent flow of air and free electrons.
4              pH++e- ->(p+1)n0               so the plasma converts the free hydrogen ions into a collection of neutrons.
5              1H++r n0 ->1+rH+->E3+L+Xray         these neutrons enrich other hydrogen ions.  Which fission into massive energy with a little visible light and X ray radiation
6              16O2-+s n0 ->161H++24e- the neutrons also enrich the oxygen ions, which fission into hydrogen ions.  Converting neutrons into free energy!
                This releases about 5 MW/m: at equipment melted when we tried it!  At this stage of my PH D was ended abruptly for no reason given.  Though I have a legal right for written explanation within six months.
                The only explanation was that somebody use my name to do a peeping Tom a hall of residents.  When I was in Bury, in bed for the weekend when my then girlfriend-Alison.
                Water he got there is will run churches would call a cast iron alibi.  Sheffield has a good law department.the statute which allows them to award degrees, the legal right to have written explanation within six months.
                So every degree from Sheffield University issued after 2001 is now invalid.  Students are entitled to return of all their tuition fees.  And.  It damages for a lifetime’s unemployment.
                A pure steam plasma should release a there are 40 MW/m.  Enough to extinguish all life within 10 kilometres.  Just too exothermic!
                We do immerse a steam plasma tube in a water bath, and run a steam turbine. 8 2 metre steam plasma tubes at four atmospheres, will continuously drive 100 MW power station.
                We containing the X rays within the plant.  We produce no solid radioactive waste!  We just produce unlimited amounts of free energy.  No toxic radioactive waste.
                Uranium fission is a most hyper toxic process we shall ever be permitted to operate on earth.  Fukushima demonstrates that even the most technically adept nation on earth can not do nuclear fission from uranium safely.
                They can restart the nuclear programme, using steam plasma tubes.  Which are eight times as exothermic as hyper toxic uranium fission tubes.
                This totally destroys fossil fuel burning: just too expensive!  Every biological organism on earth does molecular nuclear fusion.
7 plant biological molecular nuclear fusion            mCO2+(n+r)H2O+Tu->Cm(H2O)n+r(He+O+E2+Xray             Cm(H2O)n= carbohydrates. O2+O ->O3
8 animal biological molecular nuclear fusion
                We should note that oxidising carbohydrates would take in energy, if it was not for the nuclear fusion every animal on earth is doing.  Including you!  As you heart beats, and your mitochondria metabolise carbohydrates.
                So nature does molecular nuclear fusion in arctic fish and -20° C.  We see here that the 10,000,000° C wanted by physicists, is a product of atomic nuclear fusion.  Man would be requested by nuclear fusion.
                Which explains why the Great Hadron Collider does not do nuclear fusion.  Though this was large part of the initial bid documents.  To make it do nuclear fusion, we need to induce perpendicular spin fields.  To get the hygiene ions spin as a circle around the large torous.
                We may need to keep reversing the spin fields.  To ensure that we get more than 1 W the  gas turbulence.  At which number we get the nuclear fusion of hydrogen ions.  To form helium and energy.
                We do not need a large torous!  We need a 50x1cm glass tube.  An apostle electricity at 2000 volts.  At four atmospheres the plasma self sustains.  Releasing 1.2 MW of heat.
                Alone her user to drive his own little steam cycle.  And then annual income of 1.5 million UK pounds from the national grid.  A medium sized injuring company can use 3 2 metre steam plasma tubes, to drive a standby generator.
                With no fossil fuel bound.  Generating an income of 18,000,000 a year!  After they have supplied for their own electricity.  Suddenly burning fossil fuels and doing hyper toxic uranium fission looks stupid.
                A steam plasma tube turns regular water into near unlimited heat.  100 MW power station will consume a thimble full of regular water per decade.  And obviously produce no carbon dioxide!  Or hyper toxic radioactive waste.
                Sheffield never did give me my Ph.D!  They do shut down the department, and sacked the professors.  It would have been easier to give me my high degree, and let us work out the fine details of molecular nuclear fusion.  The free Energy System of the future!

Natural Nuclear FusionBy Jonathan M Thomason
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Any waterfall over one metre high had around the earth from regular water
Jonathan Thomason

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