Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Water diesel

24 March 2015
                Was on my Ph.D at Sheffield University, and another Ph.D student had told me that water would diesel.  That this to some chemical equations
1              CmHn+pO2+Tu+P->(mCO2-E)+rH2O+t(O3+He+E2)               Tu= turbulence P= pressure
                So burning fossil fuels does molecular nuclear fusion.  Good job!  Oxidising of the carbon compound takes in energy.  It is only ever do nuclear fusion we are doing (converting hydrogen into helium) that releases so much energy!  Making the net process exothermic.
                The simplest way he to doubling the amount of nuclear fusion we are doing, is to titanium plate the inside surfaces of the engine cyliders and cylinder head, this would more than double the power of the engines in use today.  Or halve the amount of fuel we burn.
                One of titanium plate costing 200 UK pounds, was halve the fuel burn for ever!
                My Ph.D students told me that water would diesel
2              H2O+sO2+Tu+P ->He+sO3+E2
                So we have removed the need for overpriced, the fuels.  We use regular water.  We produce the same inert helium and ozone that an engine and today and produces.
                This cycle is 80 times as dynamic as a diesel cycle burning diesel oil.  And we fill up from the kitchen tap.  Using a steam plasma tube to run a captive steam cycle and generate electricity to drive the car yeears is nearly ¼ million times less water.
                The water is nearly free!  We can totally eliminate the use of diesel oil.  We inject water from the air and oil mixture.
                We produce no carbon dioxide!  But this gas Melia increases plant life on earth.  The global air contains a preindustrial two parts per million.  Burning fossil fuels has really increased active biological life on earth.
                Man made climate change was always fiction from the stooges to nuclear power.  To be bullied by the stupid!  Biological rubbish.  Man lives with the climate.  That has been cooling for the last decade.
                My Ph.D students didn’t tell me what injection pressure we needed.
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