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Petroless car

7 March 2015
                We years a steam plasma tube!  We use its heat to generate steam, and 456° C 4.3 atmospheres.  After the steam cycle, we playing the use steam on the cold end of a Carnot heat pump.  This returns 85% of its heat to the boiler chamber.  When we lose the heat via a fire tubes in the water.
                Lightning demonstrates a 1.5km a steam plasma generates 2.5x1030 Watts of energy.  As heat, light and X rays.  There is no chemical source of visible light or X rays.  We are doing molecular nuclear fusion.
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                Now for the technical bit.  As I discovered about molecular nuclear fusion on my chemical injuring PH D at Sheffield University 2001.
1              H++e- ->n0           the hygiene ions(= a naked proton) and electrons bond to form neutrons.
2              16O2-+s n0 ->162H++16e-+E1           the oxygen bonds with the neutrons.  And undergo as repeated nuclear fission.  He each fission converting a neutron into energy.  Making the net process very exothermic.
3              H++r n0 ->E23+L+Xray      the hydrogen ions bond with the neutrons.  And undergo massive nuclear fission into free energy, light and X rays.
                He each hydrogen fission releases 6 W of energy.  And each hydrogen ion is only 10-12m3.  In other words, A 1,000,000 million hydrogen ions to go one cubic metre.  This is a dances release energy in the universe.
                The amount of energy steam plasma tubes produce  are mind blowing!  A 5x1 cm steam plasma tube releases 600 kW of heat energy.  If we pass this through a steam cycle, we are going to get 60 kW of heat electricity.
                Totally sufficient to drive an army helicopter at hypersonic speed.  If we use my Carnot heat pump idea, we are going to get over 100 kW of electricity.
                The average supercar only takes 25 kW of power.  So we can drive a hypersonic helicopter point to point.
                We let computers and GPS navigator craft.  We have rotor blades encased in a metal grid.  To avoid collision with those for other craft.
                When we get to our location, we plug the aircraft into the mains.  And meet her how much electricity we are sort of natural grid.  The national grid is committed to buy electricity at 2P per kilowatt hour.
                So the craft would generate a serious income on the ground.  And in the air all five the no fossil fuel or other energy source.  Initially use a thimble full of regular water a decade.
                And generate an income of 50,000 pounds a year, when it is sat on the ground.  In the air he will travel point to point and 800 kilometres per hour.
                Rendering petrol and diesel cars totally obsolete!  Though any decent engineer can convert a regular internal combustion engine, in two a steam plasma tube and generator system in the weekend.
                We will probably only want a 10cm steam plasma tube to propel a family forms or Sir Leon on the motorway.  Oil prices are about to fall below the level at which Saudi Arabia can economically produce oil.
                The aura price has already fallen, to a level at which all production is not economically sustainable for many countries.

Jonathan Thomason

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