Saturday, 21 March 2015

Not doctors anymore

21 March 2015
                In the Hippocratic oath every registered Dr. From us is not to teach, research or applying defective medicine.  He also promised to evaluate new medical advances.  In 2002 the Moffitt cancer centre publisher hundred individual double blind trial on High Intensity UltraSound clearing cancer.
                There was no requirement for hundred individual double blind trial-that is applicable only to Bio chemistry.  High us has a under stored medical pathway
1              H2O+US ->He+O+E2+Xray
                There is no chemical source of X rays.  Medics first started using ultrasound to detect of cancer clusters, in the 1860.  So they had hit on the way to do molecular nuclear fusion.
                This turns a compound of hydrogen into helium, and molecular fragments.  With emission of X rays and the generation of massive heat.
                So we selectively heat up cancer cells to 120° C.  At which stage they fragment explosively.  Inducing an immune action to clear cancer throughout the body.  Body cells are not affected until we reach higher power levels.
>1.5 W 3 MHz is HIUS.  And every medical practice on earth owns a medically licensed high power ultrasound unit designed for physiotherapists use.
                150 Watts 40 kHz is also HIUS.  As is 5 W 1 MHz, or is he ultrasound device there used today.  Purchased from Ebay or Amazon.  Down to 22 UK pounds today.
                This will clear any cancer-if applied externally for 30 seconds.  I applied to the top left the chest and also the kidneys, this will totally clear coronary heart disease.
                Applied repeatedly for a minute externally, it will clear all liver and kidney damage.
                One application will clear IBS totally.  Practically confirmed three years ago.
                Diabetes is also caused by an inflated viral structure.  That lung cancer will show up under low power ultrasound.  ½ minute of external application of high us to bottom right of the rib cage, clears all science or diabetes.
                Be warned that type one only clears over three days.  As the liver clears the antisense enzyme produce by a viral rump in the pancreas.  No biochemical treatment required for any of the three major diseases of age.
                All medical academics of registered doctors.  Non there were permitted to research biochemical treatments major diseases of age: from 2002 the cancer.  2008 the diabetes.  2012 for coronary heart disease.
                Any medic who has continued to use biochemistry from the states is no longer a registered Dr..  All the academic papers must be instantly shredded!    All the academic papers must be instantly shredded!  And all papers that reference them are no valid.
                Doctors are carrying the and the national regulator (GMC or AMA etc.).  This for the hoping the Bio chemistry water again the ethically permitted.  It will never be air thickly permitted again.  It is for ever defective medicine.
                And no register Dr. Can any dealings with it.  It is designed to cure nothing.  High as cures everything.  For only fractions of a cent.
                All the doctors who have continued to use biochemistry since 2002 are not allowed to practice medicine.  Continuing to operate in Medical Service is massive medical malpractice.
                Each avoidable death warrants for five years in jail.  And the fine is $10,000,000.  Show by Dr., Health centre, hospital and drug company.  The drug company is to later the air and a fine of three times the economic wealth of the planet.

Jonathan Thomason

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