Friday, 24 October 2014

The cure of HIV

24 October 2014
                HIUS was medically demonstrated to clear cancer 2002.  Cancer divides in a viral sort away!  So on that date high as clears all cancers.  The Hippocratic oarh prohibits all register doctors from prescribing or researching defective chemistry.
                For last 12 years biochemical treatments have been defective.
1                     applied externally to any cancer for only ½ minute, it clears the cancer
2                     I applied to the top left the chest and the kidneys it clears all coronary heart disease
3                     Apply it to the bottom right of the chest it clears all science or diabetes totally: no biochemical treatment is permitted.  This also clears pancreatic cancer in ½ minute.
4                     I applied to the chest for a minute it clears HIV, Ebola, asthma and lung cancer.
Asthma is a big cash cow for Galaxo Smith Kline.
                How did she ask reacts to the news?  I have got the medicine practically confirmed by an aids patient in America.  He apply the HIUS, as more details-and I never heard from him again!
                He would had told all his friends.  This is eight months ago!  The news would have spread out as 220 per day: every history patient has 20 friends with AIDs.  This is more than the total population of the earth.
                Galaxo did not object!  Yesterday they sold their company that makes amino acid blockers.  Such contracts have a six month back out clause.  They will say at the books, sea the climate 18  orders.  And the company of were referred to the ownership of GSK.
                The white blood system is turned over every month.  If you stop viral replication the virus is history!  Certainly after six months AIDs is cured anyway.
                A minute of HIUS totally clears the condition.  The fragmenting viral cells produce and action the active antibody.  The an antibody to a he’s has a 100% effectiveness!  So the medically licensed high as totally clears the condition.
                I utilises 5 W 1 MHz.  Every health centre on earth Amazon physiotherapists higher power ultrasound unit >1.5W 3 MHz.  This is also HIUS.  So every Dr. On earth can cure AIDs today.  With no biochemical prescription.
                They can also are totally clear all types of diabetes and asthma.  Plus cancer and coronary heart disease.

Jonathan Thomason

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