Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Unlimited free electricity

24 September 2014
                Water from the Rivers and seas of the earth filters down to the earth’s mantle!  Where it solidifies the malt and rock and heavy metals: it actually creates the earth’s mantle.
                Higher temperature and pressure water dissolves even gold and platinum.  So the river or metal rich water appears to circulate in anticlockwise direction.  As he earth actually rotates in a clockwise direction!
                In places this water collects in mantle pockets are only 10 metres below the earth’s surface.  We can drill down to this water, and get out of endless stream of liquid water at 8.4 atmospheres and 250° C.
                It is only liquid because the extreme pressure.  It circulates over the mantel in a slow simmer!  Doing molecular nuclear fusion.  Releasing heat and X ray radiation.  The X rays top up the radioactive nature of the earth’s core.
1                     H2O+T->He+O+E2+Xray
So the earth’s interior continuously does nuclear fusion.  Providing 40% of the energy for nature.  This is why the deep produces helium, oxygen and X rays.
Continues free heat!  Ideal for generating electricity-once we have removed that troublesome gold.  40% of the dissolved heavy metals is gold.
When this water finds its own way up to the surface, it forms the source of every river on earth.  The heavy metals precipitating out as the water pressure drops.  There is some gold makes it to the surface.
We can drill directly to the superheated water.  We pass it through a ruggedized Dyson dry cleaner, and remove the heavy metal powder.  Which we sell on to process into ingots.  Just so much gold!
When the earth uses the geothermal water to generate all its power, we will end up burrying the gold in disused mine workings-just to get rid of it!  The gold content of a Krugerrand we’ll only have a value of 4 UK pounds in two years’ time.  The cost 704 pounds today!
Down from 1642 pounds two years ago.  The worst investment in investment history!  Except the shares of a company that filed for bankruptcy the next day.
So we have unlimited clean steam.  That we use drive a steam turbine.  Without any fossil fuel burning-or hyper toxic uranium fission: the latter producing toxic waste which is  sprays intermittently around the continent.
It causes intermittent continental toxic death: think Windscale, 3 Mile island, Chernobyl and Fukushima.  90% of the safety recommendations after Chernobyl where never actioned-as a nuclear power decided they were too expensive.  Human death was cheaper!
So now we have access to unlimited free electricity.  Which provides a limitless gold and platinum.  Also titanium, copper, silver and applying metals.
Never buy gold ever again.  In two years the world give it away for free-just to get rid of it.

Jonathan Thomason

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