Friday, 5 September 2014

Limitless free gold

5 September 2014
                Gold is actually the fifth most abundant element on earth.  It reacts with nothing, so over the eons it is mostly ended up in the Earth’s core!  There is a river of water circulating the earth’s mantle: the mantle is formed from solidify the core material.
                The earth’s core contains 411 million tonnes of this soft, and reactive the melting point metal.  Beyond electrical contacts and jewelry it is useless!  99.8% of the gold ever mined is still circulating bank vaults of jewelry cases.
                The Kruger mines are using air conditioning to cool down the earth’s mantle!  So this layer of solidified rock and heavy metals has grown down into the core material.  The Kruger mines have extracted 50,000 tonnes of gold from the solidified core.
                Throughout history mankind has only got 167,000 terms of gold metal.  0.5% of the available gold.  But maning the metal his first expensive and dangerous.
                Nature has a simple way!  The geothermal water dissolves heavy metals like gold and platinum.  So the water circulating on the earth’s mantle is both fresh and laden with heavy metals.
                When it finds its own way out to the surface, mostly gold is precipitated as the pressure drops.  Some the gold dust makes it to the river source.  Panning for it is laborious and tedious.
                We can use ground sonar to attract the river source back.  We want a fluid filled underground cavern, filled with the gold laden geothermal water.  We drill down direct to this water.
                It he is at 8.4 atmospheres 250° C with gold, platinum, silver, copper and the other heavy metals are dissolved in it.  We give this superheated water a small vent, and he boils away into dirty steam.
                We pass it through a ruggedized Dyson dry cleaner.  And remove the heavy metal powder.  Which we then sell on to process into ingots!  40% gold!  A rich gold brain strata own the house 0.1% gold and it!
                Each geothermal mine will produce 5 tonnes of gold a year.  Multiply it by 100,000!  Within two years we will double the amount a gold available to mankind.
                Gold is priced on scarcity.  So the price of gold will crash to 5% of its price today.  And gold is already crashing!
                We get clean steam at 8.2 atmospheres 240° C.  Grades for generating electricity!  We feed the spent steam on to the cold end of a Carnot heat pump.  And condense out pure liquid water.  Ideal for drinking or agriculture.  In fact rather tasteless!
                We then return the heat by the high pressure end of the Carnot heat pump and 700° C.  A’s for volume of very concentrated heat.  So we generate 8 times more power.
                You could argue that use the more geothermal water would not drop the temperature of the water, but will provide us with more gold!  As mentioned above, pretty soon will be burying it in disused mine workings-just to get rid of it.
                Burning or oil or gas is stratospherically expensive!  Geothermal superheated water is basically free, with gold dust in!  Nuclear fission from uranium is the most toxic process that will ever happen on the earth’s surface.
                Nature does not do it!  The circulating geothermal water is in a perpetual slow summer, and does molecular nuclear fusion.  Heating up the core and the geothermal water.  Safe clean free power.  With gold!

Jonathan Thomason

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