Thursday, 18 September 2014

Hypersonic jet

18 September 2014
                This is such old science!  Where ever we have water or steam in turbulent flow we see the emission of gamma wave radiation
1              H2O+T->He2++O2-+E2+gwr
                The same molecular nuclear fusion happens when we boil off water!  As the turbulence is provided by the boiling of liquid water.  A massively expensive way to do molecular nuclear fusion is burn off fossil fuels.  This provides 18 times less energy!
                Again this idea to Josh-who now works at Rolls Royce.  Andrew my ideas about it in 2000-on a PH D into chemical and process engineering.  Or rather the emission of helium and X rays from a working steam engine.  Where we have steam in turbulent flow.
                So it is very very simple!  As a conventional jet engine, we have a ring Venturi nozzles.  So the working engine soaks into liquid water into the jet exhaust.
                First do it boils!  Then any remaining C and he is in turbulent flow.  We have increased by an order of magnitude the thrust from the engine.
                Rather than the flying at mach 1.8, we are buzzing along at over mark 10: we have a hypersonic jet aircraft.
                Because it stays in the air for 10 times longer, and only generates no carbon dioxide in of a conventional jet, we effectively reduce the carbon dioxide emission by a factor of 10.  The flight to the U.S. from England will be just over an hour!  Rather than over eight!  Even with assist from the jet stream.
                I have just got a friend request from a guy into the seas using an article in engineering.  Have a good day!  Open for questions.  Richard Branson has an open chequebook for research into the functioning hypersonic jet.

Jonathan Thomason

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