Saturday, 20 September 2014

Clearing rare cancers

20 September 2014
                In order to grow in a cancer are several are overinflated cell structure!  Then devise in a viral sort away: it shows six enzymes with infectious disease!
                It is not genetic!  Not from the host person.  The cancer genome is common to viruses.  A family house a shared infective past, so he turned to share the same cancers!  It is not from their DNA.
                So all 200 cancers are overinflated!  A person’s cells bud off the stem cells and are dumped into position.  They are placid!
                It is published in the physics pantheon that ultrasound causes the very rapid boiling of water.  A process which skills exponentially with applied pressure:
1              H2O+US->He+O+E2+Xray
                So medics have happily use the fact they cancer is give off X rays a response to low power ultrasound.  There is no chemical source of X rays!  We are doing molecular nuclear fusion.
                And a High Intensity UltraSound the production is a significant!  And causes the cancer cell to experience cell content boiling, and fragment explosively.  So explosively the Moffitt cancer centre no to bystander body cells were damaged.
                Which induces an immune action to clear the distinct cancer cell type throughout the body.  So secondary cancer clusters are history!  As we destroy the primary.
                It does not use biochemistry at all.  It does not matter there is no biochemical treatment for the specific cancer.
                All 200 cancers share the same inflated nature and single cell division method.  So external application of HIUS clears all cancers.  This is why Astra Zeneca sacked his cancer researchers in 2010: all cancers are cured using ultrasound.
                I employee a 5 Watts 1 M ultrasound massage device, which clears all cancers in ½ minute.  Apply it to the major arteries in the legs, it will clear leukaemia, HIV and soft body viruses.
                It’ll obviously clear Ebola.  For a total cost of $200.  Barak Obama has just given the biochemical drug companys one billion dollars to find a cure to Ebola.
                The cure was medically published 2002.  And ignored by doctors so they can continue prescribing death or making fantastic monies.  The biggest mass homicide in human history.
                You can buy a medically licensed ultrasound massage device over the Internet.  And cure any cancer.  It does not interfere with any Bio chemistry!  And it works!
                As every Dr. on earth is aware.  These are serious psychopaths.  They are not caring health professionals.  They kill for money!  They kill you, your family and your friends!
                Only aspect of ultrasound boiling pressurised water is published in the physics pantheon, NICE exist to prevent drug use!  Who ever it kills!
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Jonathan Thomason

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