Thursday, 30 May 2013

Clearing coronary heart disease

30 May 2013
                Is no longer cancer!  In any case A single application of high applications ultrasound (HIUS) removes cancerous cells from an organ.  And throughout the body.  It cures cancer!
                Coronary heart disease is the result of inappropriately raised blood pressure.  The heart is only a pump.  It is reacting to the chemical feedback system of the body.
                Pathology has shown it is characterised by small hardened bacterial structures are fatty plaques around the coronary arteries-but also the kidneys.  Medics have published work about secondary coronary heart disease-or I would not have known about the kidneys.
                They fragment of bacterial genome his left behind from fall infection.  Viral and bacterial infections share genome by exchanging strands of RNA.
                These get written to DNA, by the ever helpful B cells.  The bacterial rump only percicts if it is over inflated and hard.  Just like the viral rump in cancer.
                If we apply HIUS to a viral rump it fragments explosively!  As he ultrasound causes the pressurised cell contents to boil.
                Applying HIUS to the coronary arteries and also the kidneys infections with coronary heart disease causes the bacterial rump to fragment.
                This induces an immune action to clear the rump throughout the body.  But does not damage body cells.
                The ultrasound stimulates cell repair within the body.  So it will fully repair the damage from heart attacks.  So HIUS as cures coronary heart disease.

Jonathan Thomason

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