Friday, 31 May 2013

Cancer is so easy

31 May 2013
                Ultrasound causes liquid water to boil.  The power required to initiate boiling falls with a liquid pressure.
                So a body cells experience cell content boiling at above 180 W/cm2.  But cancer experiences cell content boiling at only 90 W/cm2.
                Every medical school in the world confirm this science as the Moffitt cancer centre started curing prostate cancer at one application of HIUS.
                A suitable description of High Intensity UltraSound is 150 Watts 40 kHz.  I used to work in ultrasound in 1983.  There is nothing new about this science.
                Medics have known that ultrasound displayed cancer tumours since the 1950s.  They have used it for a future cooling since the 1970s.  This really means ultrasound initiates nuclear radiation.  This is very peculiar!  We are doing molecular nuclear fusion:
                The really important thing here is not the helium all the gamma wave radiation-they prove conclusively we are doing nuclear fusion.  As there is no source of nuclear fission in a living body.
                The important thing is the E2.  This heat causes the cell to rupture.  All 200 sorts of cancer out there.  Also the structures causing heart disease and diabetes.  Which are overinflated-and contain pathogen genome.
                Cancer displays novel genome.  And as the cell ruptures, the dendrites make and action the specific human antibody to clear the cancer cell throughout the body.
                All cancers share six common none human enzymes.  They share with infective disease-which left the fragments of genome behind which formed the cancer.
                So one application of HIUS will penetrate through the body, destroying cancer cells in the target organ.  All cancers are history!  All you need is HIUS.  Medics are the most expensive and inconvenient form of HIUS around.
                A personal ultrasonic massage devise specify it at 150 W 40 kHz is a most fantastically cheap and simple way of applying HIUS to the body.
                We run the electric probe over the body.  And we have a the diseases of age-including cancer-from the body.
                No fatal Bio chemistry is required.  KG P’s prescribing fatal biochemical treatments is violating the Hippocratic Oath.  And should instantly be struck off the medical register.
                I am doing experiments on diabetes to determine the HIUS regime we require.
                A30 second application of HIUS to the lower left of the rib cage and he is to clear diabetes for good.  Much to the consternation of medics from Salford royal hospital!  Who incorrectly thought diabetes was incurable.
                One session of HIUS will clear cancer, heart disease, IBS and diabetes from the body.  It also helps with arthritis!  And should help with MS.
                Any medical lecture teaching biochemistry should instantly be removed from the medical school.  As there instructing students in how to kill patients!

Jonathan Thomason

Strike them off

 May 2013
                2002 the Moffitt cancer centre demonstrated A single application of high intensity ultrasound cleared prostate cancer at one appointment!
                The ultrasound from a 150 W 40 kHz personal massage device is HIUS!  And totally suitable for cancer removal.
                Every practicing GP in the world has taken the Hippocratic Oath: a solemn pledge to apply the best medicine.  Not biochemistry, the best medicine!
                The HIUS idea works for all 200 cancers out there.  As was medically proved by 2005.  Since this date every Dr. prescribing fatal Bio chemistry of is subject to immediate striking off from the medical register as all over the world.
                Compare and contrast:
1                     HIUS
A one appointment cure to all body and brain cancers out there.
2                     Bio chemistry provides an agonising descent into expensive inevitable death.
That is what the Hippocratic oath is all about!  The best medicine without financial favour.  One session of HIUS costs 5¢.  And will cure cancers, diabetes and heart disease.  At one session.
                No biochemistry involved at all!  No descent into an inevitable death.  Teaches who had taken the Hippocratic oath have a moral duty to ensure the chapters they have written are pulped.
                Extracted from the box and destroyed.  He can no longer teach also to examines and fatal Bio chemistry.  They have to teach HIUS.
                They could do worse than read my book ‘Cancer Is Cured’ by Jonathan Thomason.  On
Cancer Is Cured by Jonathan M Thomason
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Jonathan Thomason

Fusion everywhere

31 May 2013
                All through the natural world we see the creation of helium gas and gamma wave radiation!  Associated with the production of ozone massive heat!  This is molecular nuclear fusion
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                It is the dominant energy production system in nature.  The nuclear fusion of hydrogen ions from compounds of hydrogen.  Usually water.
                The base catalyst is the fluid turbulence of high pressure water or steam.  Dr Zimmerman told me us 2001!  Then he became a professor-and lost all interest in researching it.  And ended my PH D there no award for no reason.
                The biologists have put on record that photosynthesis produces helium and gamma wave radiation.  Plus massive amounts of heat-that drives nature.
                Geologists have put on record that waterfalls produce massive heat.  Hence my second book.  Which really was my PH write up
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                When cancer is subject to a high intensity ultrasound, it also forms helium and gamma wave radiation.  And more importantly for cancer tumours fragments.
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                All 200 sorts of cancer out there are cleared by high intensity ultrasound.  150 W 40 kHz is a suitable description of the ultrasound.

Jonathan Thomason

Do nuclear fusion on earth

31 May 2013
                All waterfalls over one metre high turn regular water into helium and oxygen gases.  We masses of heat and a little gamma wave radiation.
                Every waterfall does molecular nuclear fusion.  My university wouldn’t give me a Ph.D. for this work!  So I wrote a novel.

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Jonathan Thomason

Saving life on earth

31 May 2013
                I have are three books out on
Cancer Is Cured by Jonathan M Thomason
Nuclear Fusion By Waterfall by Jonathan M Thomason
And still I live by Jonathan M Thomason
                My father and cancer is at 25,000 words-an is the most important book I will have a right.  The chapter on diabetes needs updating.  Basically high intensity ultrasound cures diabetes are one application.  Just as it does prostate cancer.
                The application of HIUS is the most important medical department ever.  It cures all cancers at one appointment!  For 5¢.  Using no biochemistry.
                This book to 10 years to research!  My lover nuclear fusion converts my PH D I did 2001.
                My sure to spark it is my autobiography!  You can tell I am not that egocentric-as he is only 18,000 words.
                I am now burning a health clinic applying HIUS.  So I could have had another 8000 words to my autography.  And 2000 to my cancer book.  They wouldn’t say any more the deal present!
                My cancer book is a single most important book ever written.  With a possible readership of two billion!  I decided to divert some money two publicising them on
                Yesterday I received my first royalties-with no publicity!

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Jonathan Thomason


31 May 2013
                Has been treated by the NHS for prostate cancer.  God be praised!  As this cancer was cured by the Moffitt cancer centre in America 2002.  They apply high intensity ultrasound.  This actually clears all 200 types of cancer from the body.
                It works as cancer is pressurised!  Get my book on this stuff Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu.

                150 W 40 kHz-the ultrasound produced by an ultrasound massage devise (specifying 150 Watts 40 kHz) will cure all cancers out there!  By one external application.
                It also helps clear arthritis!  And I am busy doing experiments on type 1 and type 2 diabetes.  My medical friends protest is that this disease was incurable.
                One application of HIUS clears age within 10 minutes.  As confirmed by Salford royal hospital.  Are my friend Paul Fidler.
                Diabetes is actually caused by a viral rump in the pancreas (we knew this in the 1980s) interfere with incidents creation.  All blocking the action of insulin.
                One application of HIUS removes the viral rump.  And makes the immune system recognized it as dangerous!  It is only a weak infection.  So repeat application of the HIUS may be necessary.
                A single application of HIUS clears all cancers.  Primary and secondary cells.
                If the NHS gave Santamu prostate surgery they contravenes the Hippocratic oath.  Which guarantees application of best medicine.
                Removing the prostate has support therapeutic outcome.  But HIUS will clear all secondary cancer Colonies-if they exist.
                A single application of HIUS prevents mutilation surgery.  Application of HIUS to the chest will cure lung cancer.
                I have been doing experiments on HIUS curing a viral infection.  Applying the HIUS to the front of the chest does clear the infection!  Applying the HIUS to the rear of the chest will clear all catarrh from the body.
                HIUS Works for both viral and bacterial infections.  It will clear lung cancer-80% of the total cancers in the world.  It will also work for all other cancers.
                It also clears diabetes.  There repeat application may be required.  Application of HIUS to the skull clears mental health problems-as worst traumatic head injuries.
                Application of HIUS to the spine will fix spinal injuries.  No Dr. Involved!  A personal ultrasound moustache device is available over the Internet for 75 UK pounds.
                For 35 UK pounds if sourced from China.
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                Was the strangest things which has happened in my life, is that our only of pop as it have a girl called Carmel Thomason.  No use of a second cousin three times removed.  Hence we shall at the same surname.
                She is a writer interested in health issues!  My most important book intellect using ultrasound to cure cancer.
                But Carmel works for NICE.  The organization in the UK that are missed as a biochemical treatments.  But ultrasound cures the diseases of age.
                Biochemistry days-so is cure decline in to an inevitable death.  But NICE has nothing to say about a physical cure like ultrasound.  It is only concerned with the best biochemistry.
                But the best biochemistry kills!  Ultrasound is about to blow away the drug company is and NICE!  I am getting her to read my books.  To give her professional opinion: she used to work for the Manchester Evening News.
She is edited a book ‘John Sentamus  faith stories’.  John selected the stories and wrote a forward for then all.

She has also written a book on hospice care ‘Every Moment Counts: a life of Mary Butterwick.  I hadn’t realized or writing was in my DNA.  Apparently it is a family thing.

Jonathan Thomason

Removing head injuries

31 May 2013
                Ultrasonic massage devices are sold on the basis that they help clear scar tissue.  So they help remove scarring but also their head injuries!
                Cells within the brain area used telomerase, so they have extra telomere.  So they’re not cleared automatically and there cells are damaged.
                When we apply high intensity ultrasound (150 W 40 kHz ultrasound) skar cells vibrate to pieces.  The more placid body cells are not affected.
                So the defective cells are removed in pieces, and new cells are bodied off the Astracites-the brain stem cells.
                So over a two week period totalled brain repair is achieved.  The brain injury is totally healed.

Jonathan Thomason

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Most successful book

30 May 2013
                If you examine my university records, you will find that English was a major problem to me.  For me to write a book would have seemed impossible.
                My most important book is on using ultrasound to tackle all viruses and cancer.  I learned everything I know about ultrasound on my master’s degree at Sheffield,
                My book which did best (I haven’t checked for a month) was about a waterfall doing nuclear fusion.  Waterfalls over one metre high had give out nuclear radiation and produce helium.  As he releases massive heat.
                This is the molecular nuclear fusion I was studying on my PH D!  Which suddenly got ended-when I invite photosynthesis.  It also produces nuclear radiation, helium and free radical oxygen.
                So the science I devised in 2001 the world is now reading about!  I have not one message from anybody saying they do not understand the science.  Everyone understands waterfalls.
                So they do nuclear fusion from water in turbulent flow.  This is a massively important science for the world to know.  And should have been the conclusion to my PH D.
                I find it quite humourous that I have a ended up having to write books!  Anyway-the sciences out there.  Energy creation with no carbon dioxide production.
                And no production of hyper toxic radioactive fission waste.

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Cancer cleared

TheGet my book Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu.
30 May 2013
                Cancer is forced to divide in a single cell way-to avoid scrutiny by the immune system.  Which should instantly stop inappropriate cells from replicating.
                The cells are overinflated and have known this since the 1950s.  This gives the cells a vitality advantage.  Hence they grow fast!  But like multi cellular support.  Provided by the dendrite mesh-but the dendrites are apply to the new system cancer plants to avoid.
                So cancer is a vulnerable single cell structure in a multi cellular body.  Perbation during cancer surgery would lead to a remission.  The but we can do better than that.  We want a source a vibration that is benign to body cells.  But toxic to cancers.
                We have also known since the 1970s that cancer tumours give off nuclear radiation in response to ultrasound.  This is very interesting!  We are doing molecular nuclear fusion within the cancer cell:
                The GWR he’s gamma wave radiation.  The province of nuclear reactions.  And we are no source of nuclear fission.  So doing nuclear fusion from regular water.
                In 2000 was looking into nuclear fusion general PH D into Chemical Engineering.  Ultrasound they had liquid water for all very quickly.  As if in a microwave oven.  Ovens also do molecular nuclear fusion.
                So when the ultrasound hits are pressurise cancer cell it does MNF.  The more placid body cells only start doing MNF at 180 W/cm2.  But cancer cells do it at only 90 W.  This is a massive window, in which ultrasound will destroy virus and cancer cells, while not damaging body cells.
                It will pick of the cancer cells in an organ.  The stem cells will replace any incidental cell damage, so we end up with a fully repair is intact organ.  With no cancer.  And no persistent cancer pain.
                So how would you get hold of HIUS?  A personal ultrasound moustache devices are licensed for human use-and higher power settings of 150 W 40 kHz.
                We run such a device over the cancerous tumour external to the body.  And the cancer cells are selectively destroyed.  And an immune action created to clear that cancer cell type throughout the body.
                It does not interfere with any fatal biochemical treatment you’re using.  Such treatment will be stopped instantly by any reputable medic on the next hospital appointment.
                When a lower power ultrasound scans will show the total removal of cancer from the body.  Ending all persistent pain and wish to die.
                Applied to the skull it will cure all dementia.  Totally clearing Alzheimer’s, MS and Parkinson’s.
                Apply to arthritic joint it will clear the arthritis.  Though the condition is very mobile-so multiple applications may be required.
                Cancer is a mass of a condition-aall be totally cleared at one application.  For 75 UK pounds.  Once the individual has a HIUS device, they can use it to clear cancer on all her friends and family.
                Plus mental health problems, diabetes, of the rioters and other diseases of age.  Medicine is the biggest some interest community in the world.
                But now the drug company is have lost 99.8 per cent of their income.  Health services have lost 85% of their income.  And medical academics are out of the job!
                The work on cancer was confirmed 2002 by the Moffitt cancer centre.  Since when drug company is have tried successfully to suppress the news of HIUS.  Resulting in the totally avoidable deaths of a third of a billion people globally.

Jonathan Thomason

Ending persistent pain

30 May 2013
                Viruses are forced to use the single cell type of division; foreign to multi cellular life.  The immune system tolerates single cell Colonies-provided they do no cell damage.
                Cancer divides in a single cell way-or a share six enzymes with all infectious disease.  It is a post infection condition.
                If we apply ultrasound to the body above 180 W/cm2 the body cells experience cell content boiling and are damaged.
                For cancer the number is 90 W/cm2.  So that gives us a massive power range we’ve only viruses and cancer cells are destroyed.  The exploding cells is so        not a treatment explosive local body cells are damaged.
                These cells are replaced from local stem cells and the immune system makes and actions the active human antibody against the cancer cell!  Clearing it throughout the body.
                I suggested high power ultrasound on my PH D in 2001.  The Moffitt cancer centre employed high intensity ultrasound against prostate cancer the following year.  And got a one appointment cure.
                Not a treatment.  An outright cure with no biochemistry!  This works for all types of cancer out there.  The drug companies have suppressed the news.
                So by 2013 they have killed a third of a billion people around the globe.  Whiez the co2 been saved with a single application of HIUS.
                HIUS will clear the cells causing persistent pain!  There will destroy Alaric cancer cells in a cancerous Horgan.  The cells that are causing the pain.
                The simplest way to get at HIUS is via a personal ultrasound moustache device.  We want 150W 40 kHz ultrasound for 30 seconds.  To the cancerous organ, the liver and the armpits.
                With absolutely no surgery of biochemistry required.  It will end for ever the persistent pain-with the use of no opium all painkillers.
                It will clear the cancer from the body.

Jonathan Thomason

Hypersonic jet

30 May 2013
                We take a present jet aeroplane, and we modifying the exhaust manifold.  So we can pump a fine mist of water into the heart jet exhaust.
                The jet aeroplane generates plenty of kilowatts of electrical power.  We replace one of the seats with a water reservoir.
                When the jet engine is running normally, we turn on the water.
                Steam turbines show the steam in turbulent flow releases loads of heat and nuclear radiation.  It does molecular nuclear fusion:
                We can use A for us it was manifold to boil off water.  And use this steam in place of combustion products!  To drive a jet engines as today.  We do not need to compress air for combustion.
                We can just output massively hot steam (with helium and oxygen).
                We burn no fossil fuels.  We produce no carbon dioxide.
                You are with their presents water chartered jet engine and, we generate only as much carbon dioxide as regular jet transports.  But the plane flies at hypersonic speed.
                The extra thrust being derived from regular water.  The plane is in the air for only a 10th of the time of the present jet.  So we reduce the carbon dioxide produced by a factor of 10.
                Why he is the world so hunger of carbon dioxide?  Global photosynthesis converts extra carbon dioxide to result in more life on earth.
                The trace level of this gas in the global air has has the results been static since before the industrial revolution.  Man is gradually restoring the life that died at the end of the Jurassic!
                When the 65% more life on earth.  Sea levels were 60 metres lower.  Outside the three natural ice ages.  The Permian 1000 year ice age has five times the level of carbon dioxide in the air.
                Carbon dioxide is a classic climate follower!

Jonathan Thomason

Clearing coronary heart disease

30 May 2013
                Is no longer cancer!  In any case A single application of high applications ultrasound (HIUS) removes cancerous cells from an organ.  And throughout the body.  It cures cancer!
                Coronary heart disease is the result of inappropriately raised blood pressure.  The heart is only a pump.  It is reacting to the chemical feedback system of the body.
                Pathology has shown it is characterised by small hardened bacterial structures are fatty plaques around the coronary arteries-but also the kidneys.  Medics have published work about secondary coronary heart disease-or I would not have known about the kidneys.
                They fragment of bacterial genome his left behind from fall infection.  Viral and bacterial infections share genome by exchanging strands of RNA.
                These get written to DNA, by the ever helpful B cells.  The bacterial rump only percicts if it is over inflated and hard.  Just like the viral rump in cancer.
                If we apply HIUS to a viral rump it fragments explosively!  As he ultrasound causes the pressurised cell contents to boil.
                Applying HIUS to the coronary arteries and also the kidneys infections with coronary heart disease causes the bacterial rump to fragment.
                This induces an immune action to clear the rump throughout the body.  But does not damage body cells.
                The ultrasound stimulates cell repair within the body.  So it will fully repair the damage from heart attacks.  So HIUS as cures coronary heart disease.

Jonathan Thomason

No surgery

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30 May 2013
                Since 2002 high intensity ultrasound has been used for the Moffitt cancer centre to cure prostate cancer: yet there is still people dying of prostate cancer!  All the doctors who prescribed biochemical treatments of killing their patients!
                This works for all cancers.  Were it selectively destroys only cancer cells in the organ.  The small amount of cell damage to body cells around the cancer tumour produces an immune action to clear the residual cancer cells throughout the body.
                And the small amount of cell damage is replaced seamlessly by the body stem cells.  And spring into action whenever there is a cell vacancy.
                Only single cell structures will try and grow into space where there is no room!  Which is why cancer causes pain.  It is steadily growing within the dendrite mesh.    
                One application of HIUS (150 W 40 kHz ultrasound) will clear the single cell structure; and Thend the cell pain.  Games is bringing along his friend with severe pain on Monday to my health group.  We can sort him out!
                So no way in the world should reputable doctors be caring and cancer surgery.  Such surgery is in contravention to the Hippocratic oath.  It is even less effective than biochemistry.
                Biochemistry is totally inferior conferred to HIUS.
                HIUS will actually clear defective cells from the organ.  Like the cell damage left behind from heart attacks.  So it totally replaces all surgery!
                Coronary heart disease caused by a pathogen fragment colonising the coronary arteries all the fatty plaques around the kidneys.  Application of HIUS will verse totally cure coronary heart disease.
                Medics have work on HIUS and heart disease.  G P’s are still prescribing expensive fatal Bio chemistry for coronary heart disease.  Use of personal ultrasonic massage device will totally clear the coronary heart disease.
                Diabetes by a white and hard cell structure in the pancreas.  It is another viral rump-my cancer.  But a lot simpler.  Application HIUS to the pancreas for 30 seconds will totally clear the condition.
                I am doing work today on this in my health group.  Taken together he is could have saved 30,000,000 lives a year since 2002.
                Third of a billion people have died due to corrupt G P’s prescribing substandard biochemical pills.  99.8% of biochemical pills can be replaced by a single application of HIUS.
                A suitable personal ultrasonic massage device costs 75 UK pounds including shipping age.  Aall treat an individual’s family and friends!  At least 5000 of them.
                National Health Services our only financially sustainable due to cancer, heart disease and diabetes killing are all people.  Once we have five HIUS doctors surgeries and the National Health Services of fun mostly unsustainable.
                All drug companies are called for ages in the biggest of oil mass killing in history.  These are not the people we want involved in Health Care.

Jonathan Thomason

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Clear cancer pain

29 May 2013
                The initial medical work was done in 2002 by the Moffitt cancer centre (SIC).  They showed that prostate cancer wod fragment under high intensity ultrasound.
                Viruses, to escape scrutiny by the immune system are forced to divide in a single cell way.  All infections to share genome, and when the main infection is cleared leave behind as viral or bacterial rump colony.
                Only a partial blindness!  Cancer is an amalgamation of six viral rumps.  Though obviously some and bacterial rumps can contribute.
                The viral rump grows in the same single cell fashion.  But to gain vitality is overinflated and hard.  This does not matter usually.
                When we apply ultrasound at a level benign to body cells, cancer cells experience cell content boiling.  And they fragment explosively.  Producing an immune action to clear that cell type throughout the body.
                150 W 40 kHz is just the high intensity ultrasound we need!  Body cells are only affected by ultrasound above 180 W/cm2.  But cancer cells experience cell content boiling at 90 W/cm2!
                That the level of ultrasound is simply obtained via an ultrasound massage.  I will be giving these in the health club at saint clement’s church Salford, 10am Monday.
                It also clears heart disease and diabetes.  I have firsthand experience of diabetes.  Medics have published papers about heart disease.

Jonathan Thomason

No more cancer: ultrasound cures it

29 May 2013
                When ultrasound interest to liquid water, it causes it to boil.  As it does molecular nuclear fusion
1              H2O+US->He+O+E2+gwr
                I first learned this on my injuring degree in 1983.  Nuclear fusion is the big cash cow of physics.  So academics were unwilling to broadcast the fact!
                It is pressure linked.  Which is why diesel engine's outperform petrol engines-even though diesel is a lower energy fuel.  As higher pressure the fluid turbulence does 1.  And this acts in place of a spark.
                Petrol will spontaneously ignite, as higher pressure than diesel.  Such a composite diesel petrol engine and wod outperform a diesel engine.  And would require no spark plug.
                A steam plasma would do a modified version of one!  Converting regular water into massive heat.  With no carbon dioxide production.  No hyper toxic fission waste.  And it is free!
                Academics will not research it, as there is no money to be made from it!  Sciences and the research stuff that has money attached to it.  No academic research is ever life critical.
                All such research was completed centuries ago by technologists.
                Applying ultrasound to the body causes cell content boiling above 180 W/cm2.  So ultrasound is dangerous stuff.
                But this is to apply acid body cells.  Viruses and cancer cells are overinflated and hard.  Cancer is it formed from the genome left behind by previous infections.  So the virus came first.
                Above 90 W/cm2 they experienced sole content boiling.  The cells explosively fragment.  Producing an immune action to clear cancer cell throughout the body.
                The Americans term this high intensity ultrasound.  150 Watts 40 kHz is HIUS!
                It removes all cancers from the body: as demonstrated in 2002 by the Moffitt cancer centre with prostate cancer.  They published the results on the Internet.  By 4 professors of medicine.  The world ignored it.  People are still dying of prostate cancer.
                But he works for all cancers.  Anywhere in the body.
                The best way to get at HIUS is to employ a personal ultrasound moustache device at its highest power setting.  This will cure all cancers.  With no Bio chemistry or medical imput.
                It will also clear coronary heart disease-if we apply the HIUS at the coronary arteries and the kidney years external to the body.  Drug companies are livid!  They have warehouses for statins.  So now trying to find other uses for them.
                They chose arthritis.  And the other diseases of age.  That is totally cleared by a single application of HIUS.  It is a very mobile condition, so he may have repeat applications of the ultrasound.  At 5¢ a go.
                With absolutely no biochemical involvement.
                All the doctors were prescribed biochemical treatments were diseases of age says 2002 have led to the avoidable deaths of a third of a billion people around the globe.  There and they are still killing people today!
                Biochemistry is designed not to cure.  They could apply he a drip of interleukin two and four and get the active human antibody to all the diseases of age.  One course of these pills would totally clear the conditions.
                Which is why the drug companies will not do it!  They prefer their own proprietary patent of all fatal treatments.  People would prefer to live!  Not endure A very short descent into a painful death.
                Such doctors and nurses hang out in the NHS (National Health Service) here in the UK.  The coalition government has ring fenced DNA tests from austerity cuts.
                Why?  They are complicit in their biggest mass murder of all time: I repeat, a third of a billion preventable deaths worldwide.
                Such doctors have violated the Hippocratic earth.  And must be struck off the medical register.
                HIUS will decrease drug company incomes by 99.5%.  They will remove 85% of the work load of Health Services around the world.  The extra doctors and nurses are mass murderers!
                Why protect their jobs?  They are killers.  Hospital wards are just about to depopulate in a massive way.
                The Muslim population can employ a personal ultrasound massage tool at home.  The only cast 75 UK pounds.  And will cure 5000 individuals of the diseases of age.
                No medical involvement at all.  And certainly no fatal Bio chemistry.  Although scientists who have ever published work on man made global warming or climate change should jonthm on the labour line.
                As global photosynthesis has strictly limited free average global carbon dioxide at a preindustrial two parts per 1,000,000.  Which sciences new!  Man has not changed the level of carbon dioxide in the global air.
                He has increased life on earth.  With no weather effect.
                All doctors writing out by medical prescriptions for the diseases of age and even to cure a infections; have violated the Hippocratic oath.  Which is instant disqualification from practicing medicine anywhere in the world.
                All the academic medics who have collaborated in the biggest mass murder of all time should likewise be unemployed.

Jonathan Thomason

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Clearing arthritis

28 May 2013
                Drug companies realised with horror high intensity ultrasound cures all cancers at one appointment.  That was in 2002!  They have done a fantastic job in disguising this truth.
                As a result doctors have written out by medical prescriptions for biochemistry: in direct contradiction to the Hippocratic oath: which guarantees best application of medicine-without any financial favour.
                Doctors have realized they had to ignore that-or National Health Services will go bankrupt.  It cared nothing to them that older people a year with dying as a result of the application of fatal Bio chemistry.
                Such individuals should be instantly removed from the medical register all are over the world.
                Their next big hope was the coronary heart disease would replace it!  After all in 2010 it kills 12,000,000 people around the world.  The doctors were about to get a surprise.
                One application of high intensity ultrasound to the coronary arteries and the kidneys clears coronary heart disease.  No statins teams required.  But doctors have warehouses full of the pills.
                They tried to applying them to arthritis.  It reduced the arthritis pain-but I learned the diseased to progress they cause joint disforties.  It actually made the condition worse!
                I have been applying HIUS to arthritis patients for two months.  Only one patient has asked for another application.  Arthritis is a very mobile condition.  So I was expecting a higher requests for RE application.
                In 1 10 second application the arthritis is cleared.  Before the condition gets entrenched.  It arises as a result of infective disease leaving behind genome.  Before the medics get excited-HIUS cures infections.
                It will cure all viruses and bacteria that cause disease.  Because in all these cases the structures have an inflated nature.  To gain a vitality advantage.
                The HIUS causes cell content boiling-or structure fragments.
                Have to get at HIUS!  We buying a personal ultrasound massage tool specifying ‘150 Watts 40 kHz’-so a TENs machine is not suitable.  Such devices cost 25 UK pounds when source from China.
                75 UK pounds when source from the UK: my preferred route!
                So no more arthritis, cancer, heart disease, diabetes or infective disease.  No more trips to the doctors!  To be prescribed fatal Bio chemistry.  Or only partially effective antibiotics.  Which run the risk of allergy production.
                Drug companies have now lost 99.8 per cent of their income.  And killed a third of a billion people in last 11 years.  So probably about eight billion in their fatal history.
                Mental health problems are caused by pathogen fragment setting up a colony around the brain.  They are cleared by one application of HIUS to the skull.  The only side affect isn’t it dizziness for 10 minutes.

                They should also help repair strokes and head injuries.  I have tried the technique out on my own head injury.  With beneficial results!

Jonathan Thomason

Saving lives

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28 May 2013
                Here in the UK ¼ every newspaper is devoted to cancer and biochemistry!  Almost as if the drug companies are paying reporters to write copy on their activities.
                But biochemistry kills-in short order.  It provides a massively unpleasant expensive death in a short time.  The but there is an alternative!  One which actually works.
                For 2002 the Moffitt cancer centre published their work are on high intensity ultrasound curing prostate cancer.  At one appointment.  With no biochemical or surgical involvement.
                They then offered a HIUS unit for sale for $10,000.  Yet people are still dying of prostate cancer.  A totally avoidable death.
                Says 2002 ¼ billion people around the world had died of the diseases of age.  The all totally preventable using HIUS.
                All cancers have over inflated cells, which fragment under HIUS.  Leaving body cells totally undamaged.  Radio therapy damages there cancer and body cells.  It is a lousy idea.
                HIUS selectively destroys cancer cells.  And provokes an immune action to clear the cancer cells five throughout the body.
                Coronary heart disease is caused by a fragment of a bacterial infection setting up a bacterial rump on the coronary arteries or around the kidneys.
                Medics have published work about HIUS clearing secondary coronary heart disease-by applying the ultrasound to the kidney is.  It obviously also are totally clears primary coronary heart disease.  Saving 12,000,000 lives annually around the world.  More than curing cancer!
                I am doing work on diabetes.  My friends five year insane dependent diabetes went into total remission after 10 second burst of HIUS.  The functioning of his pancreas was spluttery.
                So I gave him a 30 second application.  I have not seen him for eight days-so his diabetes must be in total remission.
                But together these three diseases killed 30,000,000 people a year around the globe.  Since 2002 the application of biochemistry, or radio therapy has led to the totally avoidable deaths of a third of a billion individuals.
                Every newspaper for writing copy on fatal Bio chemistry is implicated in the biggest mass murder of history.  All those deaths are totally avoidable!
                I did some research work on HIUS: the simplest and cheapest way to obtain it, is via a personal ultrasound massage tool.  Specifying 150 W 40 kHz.
                I used to work in metallurgical ultrasound.  That power density is totally benign to body cells.  But only 90 W/cm2 is fatal to all the structures that cools the diseases of age.
                So to device can be obtained from China for 25 UK pounds plus shipping.  A better idea is the UK sourced device at £75.00 including shipping.  It will last for a minimum of three years.  Sea can safely use it or your family and friends.
                The ultrasonic massage device is sold and licensed for human application.  It will not harm body cells.  Unlike toxic Bio chemistry and radio therapy.
                And it works for all cancers!  An ice year one to cure is breast cancer.  Why oh why he is a any body electing to of plants double mastectomy?  And you know who you are Jolie.
                Any surgery is an unnecessary risk.  Elective mastectomies are stupid.  One quick burst of HIUS and breast cancer is sorted.
                All the women in the world with breast cancer can be totally cured within 30 minutes.
                Which leaves hospitals with a problem!  If we cure cancer, heart disease and diabetes there are going to be a lot of unemployed nurses and doctors.
                As a whiez you can leave all non emergency any patients sat in the ambulances.  Then Gove has to reallocate doctors and A&E.
                He should send up a couple of stooges into hostel A&Es with non emergency problems.  Just to ensure you give them a large cross word book.  As will be left sitting in the lement’s point mostly for a couple of hours.
                So all these doctors and nurses who treated cancer, heart disease and diabetes are totally surplus to requirements.  There walls can be shut down.  Just provide day centres with HIUS device is (the personal ultrasound massage variety) to cure all infections as the arise.
                That will stop cancer and the rest from are carrying!  As the diseases of age share genome with infectious disease-they are caused by fragments of pathogen genome left behind by infections.

Jonathan Thomason