Monday, 17 December 2012

The genesis of cancer

17 December 2012

                Two avoids scrutiny by the immune system, viruses grow in a single cell fashion!  As the growing embryo in the windows-as it cells are half not the mothers.

Viruses share tracks, and this is one of the first pathogen leaders show!  The virus’s hand out strings of RNA, and these attacked on to the end of our DNA.

                There are five other virus tracks that are common to all cancers and all for bacteria!  Pathogens share genome by handing RNA sequences-the pathogen leaders.

                We can easily stimulate the human immune system to make antibodies!  We give a drip of interleukin four.  To causes the white blood cells to action of these antibodies we also need to give IL-2.

                The IL-4 trick was in the medical textbooks in 2000!  But they never realized the significance of IL-2.

                Once we spike the concentration of the antibody, the human body makes IL-2&4.  This is why fungal antibiotics will stimulate the production of human antivirals, and cure virus infections in humanity.

                Cancer is a sequence of pathogen leaders.  That do loads of stuff, none of it in eight the dangerous to the body!  So a drip of fungal antibiotics has no affect on cancer.

                A drip of IL-2&4 makes and actions the human antibody to all new structures in the adult body!  This includes the antibody HIV and the six common antibodies to cancers.

                Once we sample for these enzymes, we can produce concentrated pills of these drugs.  Coals of these drugs alone will cure other people of any of the 200 types of cancer out there.

                Instead of lafor month painful, and per cent decline in to death a single course of pills will cure the cancer.  But as it is a viral rump infection which does no cell damage, there is no immune memory of the cancer danger!  And the individual can gone to develop other cancers.

                To stop cancer, diabetes and heart disease arising, we she was speedily cure all infective disease.  The six antibodies will cure all infections!

                The infections will do cell damage, but the sudden spike of human antibodies replaces the need for the pathogen structure to do cell damage.

                Any infection will be cured in and other week.  No cancer all the rest will have time to be formed.  Each new infection will require a new course of pills.

                As a danger memory of the six enzymes will stop like childbirth in humans!  So the immune system makes the danger memory was the infection is cleared.

                Harvard is home to was cleverest individuals.  The they must have realized all this decays ago.  But chose to embrace fatal Bio chemistry, as it can earned the drug company is more money.

Jonathan Thomason

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