Friday, 7 December 2012

Stopping cancer, HIV and heart disease


7 December 2012

                Both these diseases are caused by genome left behind by illness years!  If we cure the illness quickly, and ensure their genome is left behind we stop the development of the diseases of age.

                There are six: enzymes to all infective disease!  We can stimulate the immune system using interleukin four, to produce the effective human antibody to the infection.

                He each infection has an additional number of specific antibodies!  So targeted antibody fields will be more effective than the general antibody pills.

                All existing cancers are displaying the novel antigens!  But as they do no harm to body cells the immune system usually ignores them!  If there uncontrolled growth does cause cell damage to body cells the your own body makes and actions the specific antibodies to the cancer.

                All cancers also share the six common enzymes to infective disease!  Each cancer will have its own specific antibodies.

                Giving a cytokine drip of IL-2&4 with makes and actions the specific antibodies!  Blood sampling will identify these!

                The biochemical industry can man make pills of these tumour antibodies.  They he will cure all cancers!  Though each cancer will have its own specific antibodies.

                Suddenly we transform cancer for a terrible fatal disease, into a minor post infection problem!

                The best idea is to produce specific antibody pills to each new infection as a arises!  In time infections will evolve, and will require a new drunks to track the trained years!

                Burning got lucky with fungal antibiotics!  They stimulate production of the human antibodies to a fall infection that the individual homes.  They have no direct action!

                People have always got better because of the action of human antibodies.


Jonathan Thomason

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