Thursday, 27 December 2012

Nuclear power owes carbon taxes!


27 December 2012

                The construction of a nuclear power plant uses to 10,000 tonnes of concrete: which are a massive producer of carbon dioxide!  The gas which supports all plant life on earth!

                But the EU have decided to tax life!  So every new nuclear plant in Europe I have to play two billion euros in taxes as the plant is constructed!

                Was running the lightning, purifying and the shaping of toxic enriched uranium Inco as more taxes than burning natural gas!  Which stimulates life on earth.

                Every 25 years nuclear power expenses a catastrophic failure of a nuclear facility.  Causing death on a continental scale.

                EU anti competition laws prohibit taxes designed especially to favour one industry!  Carbon taxes shown by low mood uniformly.  Which means nuclear power has to play a more carbon taxes that if they burned clean natural gas!  Which does not cause toxic death.

                How has the EU become a nuclear stooge?  Trying to impose discriminatory taxes on other energy sources?  Where nuclear power is without doubt the least green technology that will ever exist.


Jonathan Thomason

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