Friday, 14 December 2012

Nuclear fusion is here!

14 December 2012

                Heavy rain produces heat, gamma wave radiation, helium and oxygen gases from regular water drops in turbulent flow!

                The helium is produced and as He+2 and the hydroxyl ions as2xOH-.  The helium rises to above the clouds, and the rest of the water molecule falls to the ground-with its negative charge.

                When we have a potential of 5000 volts we get a lightening down strike!  Caused by the gentle drift of electoral holes to the ground.  This sets up A steam plasma-out of the regular water molecules in the rain.

                When this touches the ground we have a lightening up strike.  That releases 2.5x1030 Watts of power.  As it produces helium and ozone gases!  Plus massive heat and gamma wave radiation.

                This is nature doing nuclear fusion from water!  It is a most energetic Energy System on earth.  As we get one lightning strike every 3 minutes around the world!  1044 Watts a year in total!

                And yes I did mean we produce helium gas!  With no 10,000,000° C.  On earth every day!  Physicists has singularly failed to produce nuclear fusion.  But nature does it every 3 minutes around the glow.

                This fixes the organic nitrogen which fertilise is all plant growth on earth!  Which metabolises extra carbon dioxide to increased life on earth.  There is no way man can increase the trace of carbon dioxide in the air!  That is totally under the control of photosynthesis.

                Nuclear power is the least green industry on earth!  Producing massively toxic plutonium-which kills for 100,000 years!  Burning carbon fuels increases life on earth.  Nuclear power kills it!

                Nuclear power fault up global warming in 1986!  To distract the world from Chernobyl.  The world started cooling in 1998-hence the change to man made climate change.

                Which so obviously has nothing to do with a static trace of carbon dioxide in the global air.  At a free industrial two parts per million.  All journalist writing about man made climate change are showing their total ignorance of first year high school biology.

                They obviously have no place in the media at all!  Likewise no academic maintain or climate change has going to man.  Should not be in education.  Nuclear power continues to fund articles on man made climate change-as it is totally ignorant about biology in the carbon cycle.

                Report is taking nuclear money have no place in the media!

                They fail to report the department of molecular nuclear fusion: that produces power from regular water producing no carbon dioxide.  The easiest way is via a steam plasma tube!

                Which generates produce 6 and 40 MW per metre.  No work is being done on this!  As the academics want to ring fence energy, so they can continue getting money from nuclear power to write fictitious papers about the world climate.

                Nature does not care!  Waterfalls, breaking waves, animal heart beats, lightning strikes all do molecular nuclear fusion from regular water!  The most important energy source after direct sunlight!

                As solar radiation passes through moist air-it does molecular nuclear fusion!  The world is driven by it.


Jonathan Thomason

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