Wednesday, 5 December 2012

CO2-the green gas!


5 December 2012

                Every day photosynthesis proceeds until there is only two parts per 1,000,000 carbon dioxide left in the air!  No increase of this gas in the air is biologically possible: that was the craziest fiction ever from paid stooges to nuclear power.  For last 200 years average global carbon dioxide has been strictly limited to two parts per million.  As taught in high school biology!

                In the Jurassic there were no fossil fuels.  But 65% more life on earth-in the seas and on land.  All driven by photosynthesis!  Sea levels were 60 metres lower as a result.  But there were three natural ice ages!

                During these periods free carbon dioxide in the air would have risen!

                In the little ice age free carbon dioxide was at twice the levels it ears today.  Totally demolishing any thoughts of carbon dioxide warming the air!  CO2 drives biology, the sun makes the weather.

                Global photosynthesis strictly limits the level of carbon dioxide in the evening air!  As a static 2ppm.  A static trace gas affects nothing!  Global warming was spurious fiction from the base stooges to nuclear power designed for the scientifically stupid to believe.

                Over the last 200 years man has released 0.00004% additional carbon dioxide every day.  Returning the organic carbon to the active environment.  So every morning there are more plants poised to take AM the additional carbon dioxide.

                That used to be active biology 65,000,000 years ago.

                If we shine an electrical heating element through a crystal, we convert the emitted electrons into positrons!  These are the antimatter equivalent to electrons, with the opposite electric charge!

                If we emit these at the base of a water bath, we produce superheated steam!  Requiring a five KW electrical heating strip as he energy imput.  The steam cycle generates 40 MW.  So our 5 KW current demand is hardly noticed!

                We are converting electrons into energy!  Using E=mc2.  When I first part this idea on the Internet electrons and positrons have a mass of 8.19x10-24g.  F somebody has edited the physics data, to say it they now have a mass whole 9.1093897x10-28g.

                So we have the initial digit change by term percent!  And the whole number shrink by 10,000.  With herself as a accuracy to serve an decimal places!

                Using this new data we find an antimatter power station will generate 40 MW.  Utilising no fossil fuel bound.  And no toxic nuclear fission.

                The old ddata gave 4.5x1015 megawatts.  Producing an electrical heating element beneath a crystal window, to drive a steam cycle is within the science of every character scientists on the planet.

                You can’t edit reality!  An antimatter steam cycle will either power a street, or a large city!  With no fossil fuel burn.  Extra carbon dioxide increases plant growth!  It is by definition the green gas.

                We do not see an accumulation of this gas in the air!  Global photosynthesis metabolises extra carbon dioxide to increased life on earth.

                Winter turbines are a very economically inefficient way to generate power.  An antimatter steam cycle is dependable nearly free energy!

                Giving winter turbines to the third world will cast $100,000 per plant!  Donating the more powerful antimatter steam cycle will cast $1000 power plant.  Producing no carbon dioxide!  And dependable power.

                Nuclear power is the most stratospherically toxic way of generating power!  They actually utilise a boiling water steam cycle!

                Boiling water actually does molecular nuclear fusion!  Nuclear power producing inert helium and ¼ oxygen we breathe!  No toxic plutonium or strontium.

                Waterfalls and reproduce a trace of strontium.  As a kinetic interaction of the water drops at the base of the waterfall does molecular nuclear fusion!

                Green plants in light take in carbon dioxide and combine it with water to produce carbohydrates-excrete ink the surplus helium and oxygen.

                There is no chemical source of helium.  And no biology survives in the presence of nuclear fission.  So photosynthesis is nature doing molecular nuclear fusion!

                Your beating heart produces helium and gamma wave radiation!  And you can take your pulse with a Geiger counter.  As own beating heart also does molecular nuclear fusion!


Jonathan Thomason

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