Saturday, 8 December 2012

Carbon dioxide is life


8 December 2012

                In the Jurassic age there were no fossil fuels!  They formed at the death of the dinosaurs!  There was 65% more biology on the earth.  Resulting me C levels were 60 metres lower.

                During the Jurassic natural ice decreased in the three natural ice ages.  Carbon dioxide levels in the air only rise during a natural ice age!

                In 1000 year ice age of the Permian, there was five times as much carbon dioxide is in the air today!

                During the little ice age carbon dioxide levels rose to four parts per million: the level last seen in the Jurassic age.  As the ice age ended photosynthesis grew!

                This has resulted in a static level of carbon dioxide-24 parts per 1,000,000; for the last two centuries.

                Nuclear power replaces its plants every 25 years!  Using loads of concrete.  It mines and concentrates uranium in countries with no nuclear infrastructure!  It then transports the uranium ore a further the way around the planet.

                To nuclear plants totally it serviced by the fossil fuels!  Employees come in on the bus or in a car!  Burning natural gas releases less carbon dioxide per kilowatt hour.

                Nuclear power uniquely makes toxic plutonium and strontium.  The least green technology that will ever exist.

Jonathan Thomason

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