Friday, 7 December 2012

Antimatter Energy System

7 December 2012

                Engineers are meant to be practical physicists!  Professors of physics have already written up her a wafer of crystal change is a stream of electrons into a stream of positrons!

+me- -> mβ+

                The first time a positron and cancers and electron, the two annihilate.  How much energy we get depends on the mass of an electron!

me=mn-mp           where e n p the = electron neutron proton




                My initial data give the mass of an electron and positron at 8.19x10-14.  Given the number of decimal places, somebody has been editing the basic physical data.

                My initial calculations given energy release of 4.5x1015kW.  Per annihilation!  And we are talking about 105 annihilations per minute!  So we are now looking at energy release of 105 Watts.

                Who have ever edited the basic data should have reduced the mass by another hand 100,000!

                Discharging the positrons into a bath of water will drive a 100 megawatts power cycle.  From which the initial electric heating element will require 50 W!  To produce a stream of electrons.

                No production of carbon dioxide, an utterly no toxic fission waste!  This is before we factor in all the molecular nuclear fusion we will do in the boiler room!

                Setting up a machined crystal faceted window over a heating element wire above a reflector, will produce power for nearly free!

                It will utilises a cup of water every decade!  It will feature no fossil fuel burn.  And no university in the world is looking into this!  They prefer our the research money from toxic nuclear fission to write fictitious papers about the climate!

                Global photosynthesis converts all man is additional carbon dioxide into extra life on earth!  No increase of this gas in the air is biologically possible.  I am waiting for the first scientist to argue for photosynthesis!

                In the Jurassic there were no fossil fuels.  65% more life on earth.  Sea levels 60 metres lower.  Though there were three natural ice ages in this period.


Jonathan Thomason

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