Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Professor Z has the answer to climate change

13 November 2012

                November 10th 2012 I told Professor Z about positron generation!  You shine a beam of electrons from electrical element as a crystal!  So thought of the answer and entrusted it to professor Z for dissemination to the media and other scientists.

                To keep electrical balance the crystal emits a stream of positrons!  These are the antimatter equivalent of electrons: very little mass with an electric flux.

                Electrons and positrons have a mass of 16.38x10-14 – when cancers as a pair!  When a positron interact with an electron they annihilate!  Releasing heat and light-plus a little low power nuclear radiation.

                A beating animal hearts releases as much radiation, through molecular nuclear fusion!  But every beat of our heart does 10,000 times as much radiation emission.  So all biology does nuclear fusion from water.  As two plants in light!  And growing bacteria.

                That is why a living organisms give off gamma wave radiation, as they release helium and ozone gases.  The ozone is formed by O reacting with O2 from the air.

                Every electron positron annihilation releases 4.5x1015 joules of energy.  So we need big thermal masses in the boiler room on the steam turbine plant.  And very few electrons to heat the water!

                The amounts of the generated current the outer loop around to drive the electric element are totally negligible!

                We produce no carbon dioxide and not the other toxic death of nuclear fission!  The only technology of mankind’s that generates continental death from one incident!

                Ukrainian nuclear built Chernobyl!  David Cameron wants them to build a power plant at Hinkley point.  Matter antimatter power generation is very nearly free.

                Nuclear power produces masterly toxic waste and fantastically expensive power!  Nobody will burn carbon fuels any more!  As they are overpriced.

                Electron positron annihilation is so very nearly free!  My thanks go to Professor Zimmerman he was supervising my PH D into the climate, and encouraged me to learn about relativity!

                E=mC2                  m e- + β+ = 8.19x10-14


                So E=3.91x1017=391,000,000,000,000,000 MW of power.  The steam cycle is only term percent efficient!  One electron positron annihilation generates a million times more power than mankind has ever generated!

                With knowledge carbon dioxide and burning fossil fuels: there this only increases life on earth!  Photosynthesis strictly limits free carbon dioxide in the air at two parts per million.  And has done for last two centuries.

                Date are showing higher levels of carbon dioxide are biologically impossible!  The individuals concerned have no place in education or the media.  They are paid nuclear stooges.

                So matter antimatter annihilations are totally clean and safe interactions!  Which liberates massive amounts of heat-that we can quickly turn into a huge amounts of power!

                None of this would have occurred to me without the encouragement of Professor Zimmerman!  But unfortunately is still trying to make a case for manmade climate change, though you know concedes that photosynthesis metabolises additional carbon dioxide to increased life on earth.

                A catch 22 mental state!  Trying to intellectually hold two metre the contradicting ideas in more rain at the same time!  This leads to severe mental problems and probably death.

                I am sure that Sheffield University, which maintains a huge biology department, would rather that he thought about fluid dynamics rather metrology, biology or climatology-which he has no experience or training in.

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