Monday, 26 November 2012

Positron steam cycle


26 November 2012

                This falls within the remit of chemical and process engineering!  It uses some basic physics-but this is published even on the Internet!

                Professors of physics disk drive a crystal turns a stream of electrons into a stream of positrons.  We want to select a crystal which is insoluble, and machine it into a window.

                We have an electrical heating element, above a crystal below the emitter window!  This ensures that most of the electrons will be funnelled through the crystal!  So we end up with a stream of positrons.

                Which like all antimatter wishes to rise into outer space!  Ordinary matter tries to clump together at the earth’s centre!  So it falls towards the Earth.

                This is why antimatter is so rare on earth.  It exists as a difuse inter stellar mist.  It annihilates we’ve all had no matter and the star’s Helipause-that is why that region is full of radiation.

                The kinetic interaction of liquid water produces a zone of molecular nuclear fusion!  The turbulence of MNF also gives us a zone all positron electrons annihilation!  This liberates more nuclear radiation.

                Our positron emitter creates a massive heating affect and the boiler room!  So we need no fossil fuel burn and and utilised no toxic nuclear fission.

                Once started the steam cycle will generate 20 to 100 MW.  I have crystal emitter we’ll take out 2 to 8 Watts!  Once started the cycle self powers.

                We actually utilises so all the electrons from water molecules!  But these are replaced for free by an earth lead into the ground.

                We convert half these electrons into positrons!  Using the crystal.  Which does the conversion for free.  We then annihilate the positrons with electrons the earth also supplies for free.

                We produce no toxic waste!  We do not even liberate any of the carbon dioxide which increases plant growth.  We just get all our power for free!

                Utilising no petrol, diesel all sorts of nuclear fission!  We do not even utilises the energy produced by the drop of water as it drives a turbine.

                The system can we started or utilising the power from a car engine or diesel generator!  Once started, the system drives itself.  The price of oil is about to crash!  Nuclear power is about to go bankrupt-so we may get to live!


Jonathan Thomason

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