Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Positron annihilation


13 November 2012

                Physics holds that an electron positron annihilation resulted only in gamma wave radiation!  Why?  Nuclear fission resulting heat, gamma wave radiation and light.

                Surely an annihilation are charged fluxes will results in heat generation and a range of electromagnetic radiation as.  From low infra red, up to gamma wave radiation in a bell curve!  This is the way nature works.

                Infrared is heat energy.  Light shining through a water bath ends up as heat!  80% of low power gamma wave radiation will end up as heat.

                The electrons emitted for an electrical element wire, are very low energy!  So the positrons we generate for does have enough energy to leave the crystal where there are generated.

                So when they hit water we are going to generate a lot of heat.  The Bosons I’m not going to be generated.  The gamma wave radiation or mostly end up as heat.

                The energy of annihilation is 4.5x1015 Watts.  Wikipeadia did reference relativity.  But at the time it was considered that positrons annihilate once had no mass.  They just had frequency!

                We now know this is wrong.  10-15 is not a lot of mass.  But the speed of light square is 3x1028 .  So each annihilation will produce 4.5x1015 Watts of energy.  As the positrons have low kinetic speed the bell curve will be heavily biased tours infrared-basic heat energy!

                Feeding positrons into a water tank is us going to very efficient at generating a steam.  Another positron generator emitting sub atomic particles into the produced steam, will superheat it.

                I have just been run by Mori opinion polls.  Specifically about the oil industry and future energy developments.  I have never spoken to Mori before!  How curious.  Somebody is listening!

                B the P are looking at future Energy Technologies.  Positron electrons annihilation barring a steam cycle is the technology they should be working on!  As sure as every physics department in the world.  If not physics, certainly engineering!

                The amounts of energy liberated also huge, and a significant proportion of the act will be as heat energy.  Ideal for running a steam cycle.  With no fossil fuel burn!  And certainly no toxic nuclear fission: the technology of global death.

                Burning fossil fuels gives out nuclear radiation as it does molecular nuclear fusion.  Which is four times more exothermic than toxic nuclear fission.  And infinitely safer!  Even waterfalls do molecular nuclear fusion.  As does your own beating heart.

                Antimatter matter annihilation his 100 times more energetic then MNF.  The it produces an utterly no solid waste!  It converts the sub atomic particles intellect and mechanical waves.

                Lower entry interactions are not even produces a frequency outside the visible spectrum.  It is that safe!  And free.  Nuclear fission is toxic, polluting, fatal and uneconomic!  It stores of plutonium there will still be at the fall in 100,000 years.

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