Thursday, 22 November 2012

Limitless free power

22 November 2012

                When you shine a radiant light on a crystal, it is bombarded with light waves and electrons!  To keep electrically balanced the other side of the crystal emits positrons!

+e- ->-β+

                So a crystal converts electrons into their antimatter equivalent!  These positrons annihilate with the first electron they meet!

Β+ +e- -> E+γ12

                Made gamma wave radiation

He’s left and right handed, so there is no difference between the two gamma waves emitted! Γ=γ1  2

                If the sub atomic particles are moving with great speed, we form bosons.

Β+ +e- -> E+b++b-

                But the mass is involved are 1018 less than four proton antiprotons annihilation.  The great Hadron collider has now got a mass for a boson is produced!  Proton antiprotons annihilation produces B+ and B-.

                But the masses are 250 times less than the standard models predict!  So it is likely we are talking about B1+ and B2-.  Far from a single particle which gives our mass mass, there are now at least six matter producing particles.

                Albert Einstein proposed in the 1920s, that there was no biological produce a mass.  Rather spaced time was co2 have taken them to gravity.  We are then left with a family of particles that produce mass.

                And no interest here is the electron positron annihilation.  Each annihilation produces 4.5x1015 Watts of energy.  All the electrons are replaced by nature by an earth wire.

                We have converted two electrons into pure energy!  With either low power nuclear radiation, or a minuscule mass political.

                We produce no plutonium and no carbon dioxide: but carbon dioxide is metabolised by global photosynthesis to increased life on earth.

                Man cannot control the level of carbon dioxide in the air.  The trace of carbon dioxide is totally dependent on the efficiency of photosynthesis.

                In the Jurassic age photosynthesis left four parts per million carbon dioxide in the air.  There was 65% more life on earth-both on land and in the seas.  Resulting me sea levels were 60 metres lower.

                There were a warm periods!  But there were also three natural ice ages!  When free carbon dioxide would have risen!  In the Permian mega rises age there was five times the level of carbon dioxide in the air, and 1000 year ice age.

                In modern times there has been half that level of carbon dioxide in the air!  Except in the late 1800s, where we had the little ice age!  And carbon dioxide levels rose to 4ppm again-as there was less natural photosynthesis growing on.

                Who ever thought up manmade global warming was ignorant of metrology, biology and the gas composition of the air through history!  As shown by the minerals formed during geographical stratum.

                Take a power nuclear power!  The world has been cooling since 1998.  For teen years ago.  2004 was a naturally bad hurricane year!  Since then things have settled down.  Man made climate change is biologically impossible double think!

                Any academic doing work on man made climate change should not be employed in education!  They require serious medical intervention.

                Positron electrons annihilation produces massively clean power!  50 W of electrical energy will produce steam to run 100 MW power station.  With no carbon warm fuel burn.  And no toxic nuclear fission!

                Nuclear power is the least green technology that will ever exist.  It kills all life on earth!  Burning carbon fuels increases life on earth!

                If nuclear power budgeted for plant decommissioning, and reprocessed its toxic used fission rods, it loses massive money!  Even at today’s inflated carbon fuel prices.

                Positrons electrons annihilation he’s free-once started!  And massively energetic.  Very few electrons are turned into a massive heat.  The answer to mankind’s energy consonants.

                Man made climate change is biological rubbish!  An oxymoron that predicts nothing but it’s basic tenant, that mankind could increase the level of carbon dioxide in the air is impossible.

                The Jurassic had twice the levels of carbon dioxide in the air.  Three natural ice ages.  Sea levels 60 metres lower.  And there was 65% more life on earth!

                Any person writing papers on man made climate change is a simple academic nuclear stooge!

Jonathan Thomason

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