Thursday, 29 November 2012

Generating green energy


29 November 2012

                Professors of physics have written up her a stream of electrons is turned into a stream of positrons!  They do not document the efficiency of this process.

                Each positron electrons annihilation generates 1015 Watts of energy.  They do not document the link between kinetic energy and wave and of the produced a letter magnetic radiation.  Or even what quantity of heat is produced!

                If we immerse an electric heating element in animator with a reflector an machined crystal window, we can document the heating affect our flask of water!

                We can also document the heating affect on body or steam as we produce it!

                If we published the results, production engineers can simply produce an antimatter steam cycle, that employers no fossil fuel bound and no toxic nuclear fission.

                Or seen is so simple!  We need to try it and find out what the problems are.  It could well be the defining work for the university that undertakes this basic science!

                It holds out the promise that the every circulating 50 W of the produced power, we drive our 100 MW power station with no fossil fuel burn.  And utterly no toxic nuclear fission!  The technology of global death.  The least green technology that will ever exist.


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