Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Fusion on by a plasma!


27 November 2012

                Every scientist in the world knows that the Corona of a sun does nuclear fusion: by the turbulence in a hydrogen plasma!  A hydrogen plasma is by its very nature turbulent, and at 10 bars pressure generates 30,000,000° C.

                This is far in excess of our requirements.  We will be interested in a hydrogen plasma at one atmospheres pressure.  NASA as even published a paper on radiation emission buying a hydrogen plasma http://adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/1981UkFiZ..26.1095G

                Amazingly enough no scientist much to publicise this work!  As it totally destroys fossil fuel burning and toxic nuclear fission.

                And atmospheric pressure hydrogen plasma in a glass tube will run at 3000° C: the same as the temperature of the fire in a steam engine!  Steam in turbulent flow does molecular nuclear fusion.

                This is mainline Chemical Engineering!  And is far more accessible than a hydrogen flame!  Though a flame of hydrogen releases massive heat-hence the Hindenburg accident.

                Aviation fuel burning as it goes down in stair well lead to the demolition of the twin towers!  Ammonia, hydrocarbon and water refineries all give off nuclear radiation!  Though there is no source of nuclear fission.  All are doing molecular nuclear fusion.

                So does the deep sea and even waterfalls!  Totally clean power.  That produces helium and oxygen.  The helium is lost to space, we breathe in oxygen!

                The idea of the turbulent flow of hydrogen doing nuclear fusion was suggested to me in 2001 by Dr Zimmerman: he did not know, but he sure as hell should have looked to investigate it!

                He became a professor around this time!  And lost interest in the subject.


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