Friday, 16 November 2012

Clean power


16 November 2012

                Shining an electric element through a crystal generates a stream of positrons!


                So gaining an electron is exactly balanced by losing a positron!  Which are identical particles with opposite charge.

                When a positron collider electron the release 3x1014 Watts of energy! 300MMW of power!  This is the coals the speed of light is so huge compared to the minute mass of the positron electrons pair-1.6x10-13.

                It has all the only be impossible to measure this tiny mass using laser scales since the year 2000.  All the physicists who knew this has massive research contracts for nuclear power to research the climate.

                Positrons are a type of antimatter-the complementary particle to the regular matter all the world is built of.  It turns out, that positrons are very simple to make.

                So we generate power with no carbon dioxide!  An utterly no toxic fission waste.  Nuclear power is the least green technology that will ever exist!

                Using an electric element and a machined natural crystal, will allow us to run a small steam cycle in place of burning fossil fuels.  We generate a small amount of current, to charge up oload cold starts battery!  Which is tiny.

                Electric cars no need no large storage batteries!  And they burn and no petrol or diesel.  Carbon dioxide is left to life in nature-photosynthesis converts extra carbon dioxide into extra life on earth.

                No build up of carbon dioxide in the air is possible on the earth!  There is 2 March photosynthesis going on over the land and in the seas.

Jonathan Thomason

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