Monday, 12 November 2012

Antimatter car

12 November 2012

                This simplest way to pump the car is so tap into almost infinite energy of matter antimatter annihilation!  Matter antimatter is a problem to store.  The best idea is to produce it immediately before use!

                If we shine a radiant bar on to a crystal, the crystal is heated by the raid in energy.  More importantly it is bombarded with naked electrons!  Emitted from the radiant heater.

                The crystal absorbs the electron, and remain electrically balanced has to emit a positron!  The antimatter equivalent of an electron: of a positive electric flux linked to a minute mass:

+e- = -β+                       that symbol was a couple beta!  But the intimat may converted to a capital B.

                So we convert the stream of electrons into a stream of positrons.  Physics professors have written papers on this stuff!  Without realizing its significance.

                If we have the crystal at the base of a water boiler, each electron positron annihilation releases 1015 Joules of energy.  We only want 4 megawatts to drive a vehicle.  For electrons a minute we’ll drive a steam cycle, to free is all the current to drive the car electrically.

                Using no petrol or diesel!  Emitting no carbon dioxide or making no toxic fission waste.  The idea that mankind can affect the trace of carbon dioxide left in the air by photosynthesis up a stupid!

                Every day plants grow until there is less than the two parts per million carbon dioxide left in the air.  Then photosynthesis stops.

                Man’s additional carbon dioxide has resulted in more life on earth.  The global warming and climate change ideas were crazy fiction on behalf of nuclear power!  Mankind has no effect on the carbon cycle.

                Burning the carbon fuels increases life on earth!  There any affect on the weather.  Carbon taxes are discriminatory taxes designed to favour toxic nuclear power!

                European carbon taxes are illegal under European anti competitive legislation!  How embarrassing!  The EU is breaking its own laws!

                Unlawfully for ever in the most toxic industry that will ever exist.  For no good reason!  Global photosynthesis prevents mankind ever affecting the weather carbon dioxide in the air.

                Natural carbon dioxide levels only rise in ice ages!  As shown by the historical record.  The politicians at the EU obviously all failed high school biology.  They need to go get educated!

Jonathan Thomason

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