Friday, 13 January 2012

The next ice age


1976 academics were confidently predicting the next ice age. They got the hottest year since 1938. So they shut the hell up for 10 years. Then the world suffered Chernobyl. And nuclear power use the academic stooges to tell people the world was inevitably warming.
The UK is now a Salford for washout science on the trot. The world has been cooling since 1998. 2010 was the worst winter in the northern hemisphere for 200 years. My PH D supervisor fuels that the world thinks academics don’t know what they’re talking about. They do not.
So into what they say, and the weather will do exactly opposite. High school biology has been teaching German for 80 years that green plants convert all the available carbon dioxide into new life on earth.
For only 10 million UK pounds a year academics were totally happy to write that mankind has increased the level of carbon dioxide in the air, by burning the fossil fuels that formed when the dinosaurs died. By now 65% more life on earth.
The carbon dioxide level in the air is fixed by photosynthesis. We will get that life back in time. Carbon dioxide will only rise in a natural ice age. Any academic who tell you otherwise obviously has no place in education. I would have no confidence in him as the primary school milk monitor.
They can’t even write very convincing fiction!

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