Sunday, 15 January 2012

Nature is doing nuclear fusion


When ever we smell ozone in nature away from electrical switchgear, we can be sure that nature is doing molecular nuclear fusion from water:
So at waterfalls, in the countryside, animal blood systems, breaking waves and deep water. But the most exothermic time using heavy rain will make a lightning. Heavy rain does molecular nuclear fusion.
The helium is produced as Alpha particles, which gather above the clouds with a positive charge. The fragments of the water molecules fall to the ground taking a negative charge with them. When we get a potential of 5000 volts we get a lightening down strike. That is ½ MW of charge carried by the gentle drift of electron holes to the ground.
We then directly connect the charge arrears, and a massive current flows from the ground to the clouds. That is 3x1039 Watts in size! That is more energy than man has generated since he evolved. We get one lightning strike every 3 minutes around the earth.
That is most important Energy System on earth. It produces inert helium and ozone! The latter is a natural fluid should, we have all experienced in the countryside on the bridge. So safe, clean and free. Going on from regular water!
We do not need to burn fossil fuels all do toxic nuclear fission from uranium: they are expensive, and latter is polluting and fatal and uneconomic. Nobody in their right mind wants it the same continent as them!
Your own beating heart does molecular nuclear fusion. Which is why you breathe out helium, methane and ozone. Without us noticing, nature gets 1044 Watts of energy for every day from molecular nuclear fusion.
You can take your poles with a Geiger counter: you give out a low power gamma wave radiation as you heart does nuclear fusion!

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