Monday, 16 January 2012

The diesel cycle

As a founder in the Second World War Spain petrol on to red hot metal created a powerful. But sparing diesel oil or metre race top metal produced by the metal: no firewall.
Yes if you compress a break of diesel eight spontaneously ignites! Giving off light and nuclear radiation. But the enthalpy change of oxidising diesel fuel should be enter climate! But your trusty Geiger counter will show the emission of nuclear radiation. The other end of helium gas we produce is a small.
So we are turning hydrogen atoms into helium atoms, from molecular hydrogen: we are doing molecular nuclear fusion. Which he is massively exothermic! And produces explosive combustion.
When petrol engines fire, they give off light and nuclear radiation 10. Though both of these is the province of nuclear reactions, a game they convert some of the hydrogen is into helium and heat. We do molecular nuclear fusion again.
Oxidising Campbell fact is and her family could. But a flame of wax and air does molecular nuclear fusion again! Producing light and nuclear radiation. We also use to flames of carbohydrates and hydrocarbons giving off light we fail to realise that oxidising animal fats would taker in heat.
If it was not for molecular nuclear fusion we are doing, would generate a black flame. If we pump a candle in a bomb car emitter and ignites heat in the chamber, it burns 20 times faster and faster!
A working steam engine turn some of the water into helium and oxygen gases. So the steam cycle also does molecular nuclear fusion! Coincidentally we use a steam cycle to generate power. Even if we initiate the steam cycle. Nuclear fission, the steam cycle the cell does nuclear fusion.
Steam in turbulent flow does molecular nuclear fusion. So every circulating 20% of the steam to a boiler room will maintain steam pressure, and allow us to use the other 80% to generate power-with no fossil fuel burn! With no toxic nuclear fission.
Molecular nuclear fusion turns regular water into helium and oxygen gases plus heat and my Newt amount of low power gamma wave radiation. This I learned in 1983! But he is in no wise financial interest to four that are left in the world to the fact nature does nuclear fusion-in or flames of carbohydrates for hydrocarbons, and hot smokers in the C.
Bubbling steam into high pressure water generates massive heat, with light on the power gamma radiation. Is also turns regular water into helium and oxygen gases.

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