Sunday, 19 June 2011

Free Energy

    Every day nature uses the turbulent flow of high pressure water or steam to turn it into helium and oxygen gases plus loads of heat. And very low powered gamma wave radiation. This is molecular nuclear fusion.

H2O->He+O+γ+E1    where E1=3x1023 Watts/g H

    Every time man boils water, he does it. Including when you boil a kettle. So the gamma wave radiation is so low power it can't even pass through the metal side of the kettle. I was taught in the 1980s that boiler rooms, and turbine halls were not healthy places to hang around in. So commercial MNF generates higher power gamma wave radiation.

    Plants in the light use solar radiation to initiate MNF. This is why the crops produces helium gas and low power gamma wave radiation.

    A flame of fossil fuels does the same! Which is why it works or. If you look at all the conference, the final carbon dioxide and water molecules have more energy than the oxygen and hydrocarbon. If it was not for MNF, a flame of fossil fuels would take in heat, not generate eight.

    I did the calculations, and nature gets 6x1028 Watts of heat a day from this power source. And produces a whiff of helium and oxygen gases. The oxygen isotope is so nearly stable, it is totally safe to bring.

    So no carbon dioxide. No toxic fission waste. Safe, clean free power. From regular water. Heavy water does do more MNF, but waterfalls and the deep doing MNF from regular water. In fact, as the gamma waves produced results in deep water being heavy water.

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