Sunday, 26 June 2011

Climate impossible

We were all taught when were Xi that biology talk in all the available carbon dioxide it could, and produced free oxygen and carbohydrates. The limit to life on earth was available carbon dioxide. That is why animals evolved: to metabolise carbohydrates and the waste gas of plants-oxygen.

1986 Chernobyl happened. It was no accident, it is free is that nuclear power is a fatal technology. They spent a third of a billion pounds and 25 years trying to rehabilitate themselves. They invented the quack science of global warming: to say that carbon dioxide, for the first time in history, for no known reason would affect the weather.

They ignored the 1930s, which were the hottest year is on record. And there was very little man produced carbon dioxide then. In contrast the 1950s was a post war boom, with loads of carbon dioxide. But the harshest winters for 200 years.

The natural warming appears of the weather ended 2004, exactly as predicted by solar cycles. I wrote an Internet document about this 2002. It was a bad hurricane year. So they invented the quack science or climate change.

Since then there have been few hurricanes and loads of flooding. And global cooling. This stooges to nuclear power are trying to regain the carbon dioxide is now waiting a cooling the world. Whereas for 25 years they predicted he would dry and warm the world.

2010 I was in Brazil then Fukushima happened. Showing that nuclear power was still has fatal and toxic has ever. If we reprocessed the plutonium stores are Sellafield. It loses some much money. It desperately wants the our price to be higher. But will not stop it being fatal.

All the academics who have written papers assuming a rising level of carbon dioxide in the air have better produces high school biology. It is not possible. Harvard University has also have the mineral record around the world has shown no such increase over last two centuries.

Man-made global warming and climate change through increasing levels of carbon dioxide in the air are impossible.

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