Saturday, 8 January 2011

Tumble to it

    Atoms are kept apart by the strong atomic force. In the linear flow atoms are never interact strongly enough to fuse. My thanks here to Professor Zimmerman who suggested turbulent flow of hygiene gas gave nuclear fusion.

    This is what we see on the Corona of all suns. Oxford University has had four billion UK pounds for two years to investigate at hydrogen plasma doing nuclear fusion. In 2001 and my PhD got ended for no reason. This gave me nervous no time to think and so the Internet and review my memories –I did an M.Eng in 1986.

    We do not have much atomic hydrogen in the air around the earth. What is there is turned into water at every lightning strike. That's interesting, there is no build up water around the earth. So where is he going?

    2003 I found out the idea that we should see molecular nuclear fusion. Where molecular hydrogen is converted into helium and molecular fragments. From water we get helium, oxygen, and heat. The oxygen bonds with molecular oxygen in the air to form ozone.

    Ah, that is a fusion tag. We see it in fields of green crops, in animal blood systems, in waterfalls and in breaking waves. Some chemical reactions also produce ozone and gamma wave radiation from water. That is the other tag: gamma wave radiation. X and gamma rays are only a produced by nuclear reactions. With no fissionable material about, we have to doing nuclear fusion.

    In 2003 I remembered that steam engines produce ozone and gamma rays. So idea internal combustion engines, diesels more and petrol. Diesels run at higher pressure, so do more molecular nuclear fusion and petrol engines. So they produce more power.

    Steam engines produce most of all, but they have a long start up time. The natural world is lousy with MNF. Fields of green crops do it, as to deep sea currents. Here warm water is in pressurised, turbulent flow.

    The most important Energy System on earth. But totally unstudied. It produces power with only a whiff of helium and oxygen. No carbon dioxide, and no toxic fission waste. From regular water. Nature enrich years its own water.

    There is no toxic end product to deal with. So it is nearly free. And uses no fossil fuel burn. It uses no toxic metal fission tubes. So nuclear power will hate it. People will love it.

    Safe, clean, cheap power. I really should be researching this be a Professor Zimmerman. He is more interested in the phantom science of global warming. He has forgotten that green plants take in carbon dioxide, and excrete the oxygen we breathe.

    As mentioned above, we also get helium and ozone. And a bit of the excess methane which is not turn into carbohydrates. It is like fuels burn so well. It is dilute swamp gas. Have a wild guess. Swamps give out gamma wave radiation, as they convert carbon dioxide into methane and ozone.

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