Saturday, 1 January 2011

This is biological truth

Green plants in the light take in carbon dioxide, combine it with water and produces heat, carbohydrates, oxygen, helium and gamma wave radiation. They do biological, molecular, nuclear fusion.

The limit to life on earth is available carbon dioxide. Says green plants evolved 650,000,000 years ago every night in the air, carbon dioxide is at the lower limit for photosynthesis.

Summer moves around the temperate zones of the earth, so there is an annual foundation of carbon dioxide in the air about her to my friends and myself all told me, the ice core records go back 2000 years ago don't show any increase.

In the little ice-age there was four parts per 1,000,000 carbon dioxide in the air, as are fewer plants alive. Since the 18th century carbon dioxide has been fixed, globally, at two parts per 1,000,000.

Man is carbon dioxide has increased crop yields by 15%, said Harvard University in an article published in New Scientist at the beginning of August. Strangely enough, they Porsche global warming.

Since 2005 global temperatures have fallen. So nuclear power no pushes man-made climate change. Based again, on the erroneous supposition, manned carbon dioxide has increased the free carbon dioxide in the global air. It hasn't.

Every so called 'scientists who has published papers on man-made global warming or climate change, is a paid stooge to nuclear power. Who should not be involved in higher education.

They are fatal fantasist. Talking biological rubbish. Seeking to prevent a new generation of nuclear plants. Which will kill, pollute, are uneconomic and produce waste which is toxic for hundreds of thousands of years.

If you want to get the idea, googol the videos on Chernobyl. And the just think, if nuclear power has its way that he's going to your street soon.

So a very very badly. And sack them fantasist. Man made global warming and climate change are oxymorons. We live with the weather, we don't make it.

Man is carbon dioxide has boosted life on earth. But as there is no increase of carbon dioxide in the air, not affected the weather.

That is a nuclear lie, designed to scare the stupid.

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