Sunday, 9 January 2011

Engine’s do fusion

    As a steam engine reduces the pressure of a super-heated water, it boils. Doing boiling molecular nuclear fusion. So it gives out gamma wave radiation and produces helium gas: as I was told in 1984 at Sheffield University. Don't believe it.

    As a diesel engine injects barely flammable oil into compressed air. It does molecular nuclear fusion. This provides a spark. And the rest of the oil firms, doing of loads of flame MNF. If it was not for this, the oxidising of diesel fuel takes in heat.

    This is why the oil will not catch a flame in atmospheric pressure. But will spontaneously combust and are pressure. Interestingly enough a steam engine will out for a diesel engine. As it does more MNF.

    A steam turbine does loads of MNF. A titanium one more than an aluminium alloy one. As titanium metal is a Face Centred Cubic metal, and aluminium is not.

    Neither are nickel alloys. But they will run at higher temperatures and pressures than titanium months. The answer is simple: titanium plate the Nimonic blades.

    I still like Professor Zimmerman's idea of using a helical turbulence heat exchanger in place of a cooling tower. The molecular nuclear fusion the system does our sets at efficiency losses.

    So once started the turbine will burn no fossil fuels. The exit steam has 118% of the system heat added in the boiler room. So after our efficiency losses are running the heat pump we still get back 100% of the system heat to pass to the boiler room water.

    We burn fossil fuels to start the cycle, but then recover all the heat we throw away to the air today. We loop the heat back to the boiler room, and run the turbine as a molecular nuclear fusion system.

    Generating no CO 2 as the turbine runs. And having no fossil fuel burn. We council regular water and produce the slightest whiff of helium and oxygen gases.

    All this from my M.Eng in 1982. We use titanium to capitalise the hydrogen nation of animal fats. We can also use it to capitalise MNF.

    One question I do not know the answer to, is does water diesel. I was told it did at Sheffield University in 1985. The fact that water does MNF as it boils in a steam engine implies it might do in the high pressure turbulence of a diesel engine.

    Which would be great. Turning regular water into power using engines that are mass produced today. The blip of gamma wave radiation we get off when we inject diesel fuel into an engine, suggests injecting water may do MNF. Generating no carbon dioxide or toxic fission waste.

    Boiling MNF is more potent than flame MNF. So I was given the answer to man-made global warming two years after nuclear power devised the phantom science.

    Plants have sunk all man's carbon dioxide since the industrial revolution. So man made climate change does not have a theoretical life on which to stand.

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