Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Helix fusion


    This goes back to 2001, when Prof Zimmerman told me that a double helical heat exchanger gave better heat flow. He was wrong! He had missed out on the fact that he had found out how to do Nuclear Fusion on Earth.

    If you pass steam up a helix, at 2 bars pressure, with a tight helix, we form He, O, and a lot of heat! It took me until 2003 to realise we and stumbled on Molecular Nuclear Fusion!

    Hot-smokers in the sea, green plants in the light, animal blood systems, kinetic water and man's chemical engines all do it! So this explains why H or steam plasmas do Nuclear Fusion! And give out heat and nuclear radiation.

    The cleverest idea ever! And how did the Prof react? With 7 years of disbelief. That he had missed something that important! Though he has now warmed to the idea.

    Though strangely enough, not told the world about Molecular Nuclear Fusion! So we can generate all man's power, with no CO2, only a whiff of he – like we get from the seas – as they do Molecular Nuclear Fusion!

    The name was coined by Prof Argent – a bright bloke!

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