Sunday, 23 May 2010

CO2 sink

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Global Warming was devised by physics guys, who knew no biology. They did not know about the carbon cycle.
Plants take in CO2, and combine it with water:
CO2+3H20-->CH4+He+2O2 +O+Energy+γ
The metane is combined with more water, to form carbohydrates - CH4(H2O)m
Oxygen is thus excreted by plants, and is the greatest polluter in Earth’s history!
Animals do
The upshot is, life takes in CO2: Sea plants and bacteria are better thean land plants! When ice melts, is displaces less water than the sea level it displaces, so Global Warming would cause a sea fall!
But plants sink all the CO2, so the global climate change we see, is linked ot solar emission cycles – not man’s CO2!
The major Global Warming gas is water vapor – without which htehre would be no life on Earth. This is because the turbulent flow of water vapour does air molecular nuclear fusion.
So there can have been no CO2 change since the industrial revolution: Problem for “Global Warming”! It is totally spurious Public Relations from nuclear power.
Real Global Warming, rather than the Public Relations from nuclear power, is all linked to evaporation of water from the sea and lakes of the Earth.
Meanwhile, nuclear power is toxic, polluting, and with little events like Chernobyl, the most fatal technology allowed on Earth today.
In contrast the deep does molecular nuclear fusion from water. Releasing He, O, γ and heat, for free!
No toxic end product. Molecular nuclear fusion is done by green plants, and your own blood system – it is that safe!

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