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Carbon dates explained

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Carbon dates

Life takes in CO2, and combines it with water – doing molecular nuclear fusion! This generates Gamma Wave Radiation and alpha particles, that changes 12C to 14C.
If we correct for the background molecular nuclear fusion rate, we can establish when the substance was last alive.
Both plants and animals do biological molecular nuclear fusion. So if we apply correction for local radiation rates, the decay of 14C to 12 C, will tell us when the substance was last alive
Plants take in CO2, and combine it with water, to form carbohydrates. They excrete O2 – their waste gas.
So the more CO2 there is in the air, potentially the more life there is! But ice ages increase the free CO2 in the air; warm periods decrease it, as we get fewer and more plants on Earth.
So CO2 reacts to the climate, and we see more free CO2 during a cool phase. Globally it is at 2 parts per million today. That is 0.000002%. This is a trace gas.
Since the industrial revolution man has emitted more CO2, and as Harvard have documented, there is 15% more life on Earth than in 18C, when we had a little ice age.
So there was more free CO2 in the air. It should be noted that there can be no global increase in CO2 from fossil fuels burning.
We get more life on Earth, not more free CO2 in the air. Therefore CO2 has no effect on the climate!
It is a climate follower. So in photosynthesis we see
Where l=UV light E=energy γ=gamma wave radiation
So CO2 is the gas of life, and Global Warming was thought up by nuclear power – but they are the agents of death. And as explained above, there has bee n no increase in free CO2 due to man.
No He2+ is also called an alpha particle. This either bonds with carbon, or the oxygen, or it is excreted with the O.
So we get
12C+He2++e‑à14C and 16O+He2++e-à18O
But 18O decays in 48 years, 14C in 5,000 years. So carbon dates can date human artifacts, and some fossil life. For older material, we use phosphorous dating, which will give us a date for when rocks were last molten!
As the interatomic interactions of fluids, can exceed the weak atomic force, and we see inter nuclei interactions high enough to alter material half lives, down to seconds from 100,000s of years.
So if we have fission waste, we should melt it, and keep it molten with steam bubbles.
As steam in turbulent flow does loads of molecular nuclear fusion, and we see the creation of He2+ particles, and O.
A lot of physical processes do molecular nuclear fusion! Water falls, breaking waves and other turbulent flows do
So it turns out that molecular nuclear fusion is the dominant energy system on Earth! Burning fossil fuels produces He2+, from the turbulence of steam in the fossil fuels flame.
Here we produce CO2 – but this is how life does molecular nuclear fusion! Turning it into methane and helium.
Both plant photoblasts and animal and bacterial mitochondria take in CO2 and H2O, and either produce methane, or excrete the methane and helium, and use the free energy to drive an animal body.
So CO2 turns out to be the gas of life: Global Warming turns out to be the public relations of nuclear power.
Fission is a fatal technology. We can use a Windermere kettle to make the entire fission material safe, and get all the energy we need from molecular nuclear fusion.
Which is free, safe and clean: And is how nature powers itself!

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