Friday, 18 December 2009

Solving Global Warming

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason

This was the great unproblem of the early 21st century: Academics and climatologists employed by nuclear power – and calling themselves climate scientists omitted to tell the world had been cooling from 1998.
It is really simple – first year undergraduate science: We employ a Carnot heat pump to recycle the heat of the spent steam to the boiler room. There the liquid water meats up with the heat at higher temperatures.
This means we reduce fuel burn by 85% - by capturing and reusing 85% of the heat we otherwise throw away to the air. All for the uncost of 2% of the generated power, to drive the gas pumps.
A Carnot system works by cooling steam to liquid water, by using a LOW PRESSURE GAS. When pressurize that gas, we get a lower volume of higher temperature gas.
This science was figured out in the 18th century by the rev Carnot. When you take a four year old past a power plant, she will comment on how much steam is produced.
But we have known for over 200 years how we can recover the bulk of this heat.
85% less fuel burn means 85% less CO2. So if Global Warming had ever been real, this science cures it.
My PhD supervisor said I should have got this cleared by him. But he was in the US for 15 years after I was taught this stuff.
I gave the idea to him in 2001, and he had the software to size the plant. He suggested I went off and studied cancer, and my PhD got ended – for no reason.

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