Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Nuclear dear

By JonThm on Jonathan Thomason

I said this in a university essay in 1983: Nuclear power is only viable if the government pays fro decommissioning.
Now the government wants YOU to pay to build and demolish nuclear plants, by paying more for your power. So they want you to subsidize this fatal technology.
This is great for bombs, but is more expensive than burning natural gas. It uses urani9um, mined half way around the planet, purified and shipped to the UK.
Then after use it is toxic death fro 500,000 years. That is without a plant blowing up like Chernobyl.
In 1976 we had the hottest year since 1938. So nuclear power got their friends to say CO2 caused ‘global warming’. This language was developed in 1947 in ‘Soylent Green’ when they thought the weather was getting hotter and hotter.
Then in the 9050s they were talking about the next ice age, as we had cold, cold winters. We are back in this phase of solar cycles today – get your thermals in ready.
Which is why nuclear power now talk about .’climate change’. This has the great advantage, it predicts nothing! So what ever the weather does, nuclear power will blame it on CO2.
With no historical basis. It is the natural weather.
Nuclear power causes early death, and when a plant goes off, kills half a continent. And is dearer than fossil fuels burning. Government ministers want new plants, as the extra cost will come in 25 years, as the plants (If they haven’t blown up) will be demolished.
We are in a recession now, so the Labour government wants to load yet more costs on the future, and increase power prices.
There is 6 million receiving benefits today: They want to get that figure up! This country is not fully bankrupt today!
Labour loves nuclear. Plants love CO2, which they take in to grow. It can’t affect the climate, as plants have turned all the CO2 in the air, into life on Earth.
Life nuclear power and Labour want dead!

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